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African Safari Tour & Animals

Updated on February 8, 2010

African Safari Sunset

An African safari can be an exilirating experience. Africa a vast continent that has untouched landscapes that is guaranteed to immerse you in all nature has to offer. When someone mentions a holiday in Africa, the first thing that comes to mind is wild animals, the ones you see on the discovery channel.

If you were to go to Africa below are some of the Animals that you would see if you were out in the national park.

1. The hippopotamus or hippo for short looks like a giant pig. They reside in water and land and keep themselves cool from the African sun by immersing themselves in the mud. They live up to 50 years old and weigh up to 3.5 tonnes. The main predator to the hippo are the humans who hunt them for their meet and ivory teeth.

2. The giraffe is probably the tallest animal that people reconise in the wild. Giraffes stay awake for 23 hours of the day and eat leaves using its long black tongue. Giraffes live for 25 years and can kill a lion with one of its kicks.

3. The lion is considered on top of the food chain for land animals in the wild. Because they symbolise power, lions are often used as mascots for companies and sporting clubs. For example Holden - General Motors, Brisbane Lions - AFL club, Sri Lanka on their flag and Paddle pop ice creams. One of the best experiences on safari would be to see Lions hunt down their prey.

4. Zebra - they look like horses but have distinctive black and white stripes. The stripes help camouflage them at night and confuse predators in terms of the distance. The zebra is popular with kids as they are easily spotted out. The zebra is found in Animation films like madagascar.

5. Elephants - currently the biggest creature on land and weight as much as school bus. Elephants have a trunk in which they use to eat, spray water and move objects with. In some countries they are used as working animals to help move logs and other heavy objects. Elephants live in herds sometimes in the same one all their life.

These are just some animals that you could see in Africa. Below are some sites that can provide you more information on African Safari Tours.



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