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Plan for a Hurricane natural disaster

Updated on October 25, 2012

Down Tree on House


Damage Report - Queens, NY

There was a great deal of down tree's in our area of New York City, in Jamaica Queens after Irene blew through our location . My family had to evacuate the area due to the unpredictable nature in which this destructive hurricane had the potential, & it's actual impact that left massive flooding in many places on the east coast. I'm going to provide some images so people can get an idea of what occurred in one our part of New York City.

Please forgive me if your reading this hub and don't see any video footage yet, my phone is giving me some issues, but when I get it back in order the video footage will be submitted, I wish all those who have suffered any severe losses a speedy recovery & my blessings go out to the families of those who died due to hurricane Irene. Let's be grateful the severity of Irene's huge devastation on the east coast wasn't as bad as projected. This hub is currently under construction.

Hurricane Irene had swept through Queens, New York

A markerqueens -
Queens, NY, USA
get directions

Tree Totally Uprooted


Many suffered from Irene's Power

This uprooted tree is leaning on the power lines which pretty much saved this house from utter destruction. There was a great deal of asset damages related to hurricane Irene, and 40+ fatalities across the entire east coast. People were warned by the government ahead of time to get far away from the danger zones, but even then accidental deaths still occurred, this tells us that people truly should heed to the words of our government, city, state & local officials when the word gets out to evacuate your area.

Thank god the number of fatalities were very low this time, because Irene's destructive path of land fall reached across all the eastern sea board states except for Florida & was in the path of millions of American's that live or lived on the East Coast.

Be advised for future reference, during the untimely events such as this occurrence, we will be tuning in to every channel, website, and informational portal to help people learn of whats in store for us all, the purpose of such a hub, is to provide the most current up to date info, people may be able to utilize during moments such as the Irene Hurricane, & the Earth Quake of 2011 that was on the monday, before the Storms approach onto the coast of the Virgin Islands.

Any, and all informational web locations that can help to inform people is a plus, someone wrote against our free speech usage of current events in hub's, I truly beg to differ. In my opinion if you know of many things, from many differing locations & can fuse them into one location. It can make for a smarter more effective way to communicate information to people who are in dire need of such a resource, thus the true hidden purpose of the web. This isn't a fact I don't believe, but it is a matter of my personal choice, and opinion. If others agree with my point of view here please feel free to comment below. All forms of criticism is accepted here, thanks.

Tree Down in Yard


Rapid emergency response on Monday afternoon

A service vehicle was on call preparing for the removal of this huge tree that feel into someone's yard. Many people I know tried to down play the power of this storm, and chose not to evacuate, but i truly think this wasn't a wise decision considering mother nature has a mind of her own, We all must grow to have a much more clear understanding as to how dangerous natural disaster can be, & have more respect for nature in general.

The flooding definitely is a danger that goes over looked by many people, which after the storm many were simply blind sided to the fact that wet soil causes trees to fall literally on moments notice & to late for many folks thinking the worst has gotten by us all. Even though the winds weren't as powerful as projected doesn't mean we shouldn't be extremely cautious.

These images are a lesson for us all to learn, again, and again that it can happen anywhere at any time on any occasion, especially during the most dangerous moments such as the largest hurricane ever projected to make land fall such as Irene was said to be, and was.

Entire Poll of Power Line Leaning - Very Lucky Houses


Hurricane Books

Power lines pose a grave threat in the aftermath of Irene

When we returned on Sunday evening there was a great deal of power outages throughout the entire New York Area, including our neighborhood of Queens. As you can see from this image that the threat to human life was extremely high, because there's really no telling what will collapse & when or where. These happenings are totally unpredictable, even during the lightest of hurricanes, so it's best to be wise and flee from the area at least 48 hours in advance. Instead of being directly in harms way.

A shelter is far better then trying to ride out a storm such as Irene on your own, or with your family. Look at what happened to many places on the east coast where people chose not to listen, the massive flooding swept away a great deal of infrastructure, lives, and whatever was in it's path, plus when added to high tension power lines, or power cables. That tends to lead to electrocution, which is highly probable in storms of this magnitude. Be wise heed to the evacuation call provided by officials, especially if the president of the United States tells you to Go!

Tree Limb Falls on Car



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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      Thank you @snakeslane, I don't know how I missed this message here a while back but its all good, thanks for returning again to comment another.

    • snakeslane profile image

      Verlie Burroughs 6 years ago from Canada

      This is great coverage. Great photos. Thank you for sharing it here. The most "on the scene" reports (the only reports) I've viewed about Hurricane Irene have been here on Hub Pages and some on an online Coin forum I visit. It is so much better to hear about these kinds of events from the people like yourself who are right there experiencing it. It must have been really frightening for you and your family, friends and neighbors.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 6 years ago from New York City

      Thanks for the kind words, our home luckily wasn't affected by hurricane Irene, but many homes near my home was. I'm so glad god has sparred many of us, in this time of uncertainty, and amongst natures wrath.

    • snakeslane profile image

      Verlie Burroughs 6 years ago from Canada

      Will look forward to seeing photos and hearing more about Irene. Our thoughts are with you here.