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Air India Baggage Allowance

Updated on October 3, 2013

Air India's Baggage Policy And Baggage Allowances

Air India Baggage Policy and Baggage Allowance

Air India is the state owned and run national flag carrying Airline for the Republic of India.Air India flies to Europe, America, Canada and Far East Asia as well as regional flights to the Middle- East and Inter-Asia. Air India has a varying baggage policy. On Air India international flights from overseas countries that are more that 3 hours journeying time away to or from India the Air India baggage policy is as follows.

Each passenger on Air India international flights is allowed up to a maximum of 45 kilos of baggage per passenger per ticket. So in simple terms each Air India flight ticket holder is allowed to take with them up to 45 kilos of baggage carried in up to two pieces of luggage or up to two suitcases per adult ticket holder. In addition you are allowed to carry up to 5kilos of luggage onto the plane as hand luggage or cabin luggage as it is often referred to. You are also allowed to carry a book or magazines for you to read during the flight.

The baggage allowance for children can vary. For children’s tickets and for children’s baggage allowances per children’s ticket please check with your travel agent or contact Air India check in at your airport of departure.

International regulations differ from country to country. Some countries will only allow up to 28 kilos of luggage to be transported onto an Airplane leaving their country. This will cause some confusion but travelers have noted that even if their nation of departure has a lower statutory baggage allowance than that allowed by Air India, Air India check in staff will allow the higher Air India baggage allowance of 45 Kilos to be respected and used by each passenger.

The baggage allowance of 45 Kilos per passenger is the allowance for economy class tickets only on board Air India. For First and Executive Class bookings with Air India to know the baggage allowances please consult your travel agent or ask at an Air India check in desk at your airport of departure.

Baggage allowances can vary flight to flight. For the best and most current information please ask at the point of booking what the baggage allowance will be on the flight you have booked. Your travel agent should be able to confirm what your baggage allowance for your flight will be. For tickets booked online please refer to the online website. If you can not find your baggage allowance on the website look for the contact us tab on the website and call or email the website operator for clarification on your Air India flight baggage policy for your specific flight. To avoid having to drop baggage in the departure hall it helps if you get your specific flight baggage allowance and only carry the stated amount of baggage for your flight. Otherwise you may be charged an excess baggage allowance fee at check in or you may be forced to abandon some of the items your cases are carrying to try and reduce your baggage weight to the amounted allowed by Air India. The best advice is to find the baggage allowance policy for you flight well before you fly using the tips provided above.

By Safiq Ali Patel.


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    • safiq ali patel profile image

      safiq ali patel 5 years ago from United States Of America

      Hello. Vespawoolf. Thank you for your comment. I haven't in recent years had the chance to fly with any of the carriers in Peru or surrounding countries. I appreciate your comment here. I hope that maybe some day I'll get a chance to fly an airline local to you and see what I think of the airlines there. I would image that with discovery of vast amounts of crude in the South Americas Peru and Argentina, Brazil and nations there will probably excel at supplying successful airlines of the future. Having the fuel in constant supply and at stable prices is vital if any of the worlds airlines are to ever expand and reach for higher skies again. I suppose many of the South American carriers haven't fully developed their aviation potential and service quality at present is a little less that passengers expect. I'd be interested in knowing more about the quality of flights in Peru.

    • vespawoolf profile image

      vespawoolf 5 years ago from Peru, South America

      The baggage allowance you mention here is the same in Peru. Air travel is much more complicated and much less comfortable than in the past!