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Aircraft Tugs - The Five W’s

Updated on June 19, 2014

The five W’s are the backbone of basic informational gathering. They consist of who, what, when, where, and why. The use of this technique allows the researcher to cover all basic areas of information in order to obtain the best knowledge about a project. This is also a great way to begin research about a topic that you did not even know existed and therefore have no place to start your research. For example, an aircraft tug. The following information will follow the five W format and give the basic information regarding an aircraft tug. More information should be pursued if you are considering purchasing an aircraft tug as well as talking to an expert.

The Who

There are many companies that create and distribute aircraft tugs but each company creates their tug with a small difference from the other. A good research online and a talk with an expert in the field who can provide you with the information needed to find the best aircraft tug to fit your needs.

The What

In this case, the who is an inanimate object, an aircraft tug. This object is powered by a hydrostatic transaxle. This axle is driven by a liquid powered pump, which is controlled by the operator regarding how much water is pumped and how far/fast the aircraft is pulled. This is a layman’s explanation of a very technical explanation for this invention. There are many models of aircraft tugs that vary in special features. Another common feature of an aircraft tug is the presence of a tug engine. A 4-cycle gas engine powers this tug. Other tugs feature a handlebar that requires both hands to remain on the bar in order to gain full control of the aircraft’s movement and prevent creep if the tug is left unattended. All tugs are also built with similar frames, which are made up of heavy steel.

The When

Ordering an aircraft tug takes time but this amount of time depends on the distributor, the type of model ordered, and the time of year. This information can be found out once you have done research and chosen the company you plan to order from.

The Where

Information regarding the where is usually found about the same time that information regarding the when is found. One can order an aircraft tug from any number of places online or nearby depending on your budget and any other criteria you have.

The Why

There are many reasons why you would need an aircraft tug. If you own a personal aircraft and find that you constantly have to ask others to help you manually move your aircraft is one reason to purchase a tug. Other reasons to buy your own tug include, constant use of another’s tug. They may begin to charge you for the use of theirs, so you might as well buy your own and use it whenever it is needed. You need an aircraft tug if you find that you are always waiting for others to help you move your aircraft or having to pay an airport crew to help you move your aircraft. There is no need to waste your precious time and resources while waiting on others to move your aircraft or getting others to move it for you when you could buy your own tug to use at your own disposal.


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