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Airlines Left me Flat

Updated on July 20, 2011

The outlook wasn’t sunny for travelers that day

Northeast snow was piling up the weather channel did say

Then Jet Blue canceled flights and Airtran did the same

An eerie silence fell on the patrons of the travel game

I rushed to my computer to check on my flight home

Only to find the web site down so I had to use the phone

At the tone as told, my Onepass number I did enter

When the voice said “Say departures” I did so front and center

Hopes were riding high as the voice relayed “please wait”

But after minutes nothing happened ‘Strike One’ I thought ‘Just great’

When I heard “I’ll forward you to a customer service rep”

‘Better reserve a hotel room’ was the next thing I would set

A recording said the expected wait was 93 minutes time

‘Strike Two’ was the notion my weary brain did chime

Ninety minutes later a human voice unlike the others

Told me that my flight was cancelled but she’d help me find another

She searched and searched and checked for flights

I waited and listened way into the night

Oh somewhere in this great big land the schedules were right

Somewhere there were passengers with faces smiling bright

Somewhere people are going home along their travel route

But there is no joy in Boston – my Airline had cancelled out


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