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Airlines with Best Safety Records

Updated on August 15, 2010

Flying remains one of the safest means of transportation

airline safety records, ninoandonis,
airline safety records, ninoandonis,

With thousands of planes taking off and landing each day, flying still remains one of the safest ways to travel and there are ample statistics to back this up. Yet, statistics alone may not be sufficient to ease the irrational fears of fearful flyers.  The search for the safest airlines may therefore be a way for anxious flyers to feel like they have done everything possible to keep themselves safe. Following is a list of the airlines with the best safety records. 

Airlines with the Best Safety Records

It may be difficult to get a straight answer as to which are the safest airlines to fly. There may be so many facts to consider and variables that a clear assessment may be difficult to achieve. In absence of clear data, it may be helpful to look up plane accidents by airline and determine which airline has the safest records. A good place to look is

  • SouthWest

Southwest airlines has not had any fatalities among its passengers since its first service in 1971. The airline though had some events that were noteworthy such as overrunning the end of the runway and ending on a street or almost colliding with a Cessna. Despite the fact that Southwest's planes are up in the the air longer and regularly take off and land more often than its competitors, Southwest is blessed with one of the best safety records in the airline industry. One of the potential reasons for such immaculate records may be attributed to the fact that it strictly operates only one model of plane and one of the safest: the Boeing 737.

  • Jet Blue

Since its first service in 2000, Jet Blue did not have any events involving fatalities. However, as Southwest, Jetblue was involved in some accidents. In 2005, one of its planes had a failure in the retraction of its landing gear which caused an emergency landing at LAX. The aircraft was forced to circle for three hours to consume its fuel. On board while circling, its passengers were able to watch live new coverages about their flight. The plane landed safely and no passengers were injured.

  • Qantas

This Australian airline has an immaculate safety record. There are no events involving fatalities for the ''flying kangaroo''. The company is eager to keep such enviable reputation by taking care of their fleet and taking good care of maintenance. This has been clearly demonstrated when the airliner repaired a Boeing 747-400, that ran off a runway in Bangkok in 1999 costing an amazing $100m.

These are only three among the many airlines with great safety records.More airlines with no events involving fatalities can be found onPlaneCrahInfo. com. While statistics and safety reports may give some sense of security to fearful flyers, it is important to consider that records derived from past occurrences cannot be an actual prediction of the future. Safety records of airliners are not meant to favor or condemn any particular airline nor are they intended to persuade or dissuade passengers from choosing one airline over another.


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    • dallas93444 profile image

      Dallas W Thompson 7 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      Thanks for a informative hub.

    • K9keystrokes profile image

      India Arnold 7 years ago from Northern, California

      I am not one to fly very often, I have a bit of fear on the subject. It seems odd, as I was an Air Force Officer and flew regularly on TDY assignments when still in the service. However unfounded this fear may be, it feels real and thus flying has become something I only do as a last resort. Knowing the statics you offer within your hub gives my unlogical-logical mind a few good choices to reduce the stress should I have to hop a flight. You may think this to be a small thing, but in my head it is a huge log of information I will print and mount on my fridge with a 'no flying' magnet!

      Thanks for some great information and a really interesting read.

      ~Always choose love~