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Airplane Neck Support Pillows - Inflatable Travel Pillows For Flying

Updated on August 17, 2014

Without a little pre-flight preparation, flying can be a real pain in the neck, literally! if you rely upon the airline to provide you comfort throughout your journey then you are in for a disappointment. Serious travelers learned long ago to bring their own comforts for the trip, one of the most important being the best airplane neck pillow they can find!

Unless you have the privilege of flying first class you are more than likely going to be stuffed in like sardines back in cabin class with the rest of us trying really hard to get some kind of comfortable on those seats which recline back what feels like 2 inches if you're lucky. Then there's the paper thin blanket and that tiny flat thing they call a anyone slept on a plane before real airline travel pillows were invented is anyone's guess! I certainly didn't but now I found out about inflatable airplane neck pillows my inflight comfort level has improved exponentially!

The Top Selling Travel Pillow

Travelrest - Ultimate Travel Pillow / Neck Pillow - Ergonomic & Adjustable - Best Accessory For Airplane, Auto, Bus, Train, Office Napping, Camping, Wheelchairs (Rolls Up Small) (2-Year Warranty)
Travelrest - Ultimate Travel Pillow / Neck Pillow - Ergonomic & Adjustable - Best Accessory For Airplane, Auto, Bus, Train, Office Napping, Camping, Wheelchairs (Rolls Up Small) (2-Year Warranty)

At the time of writing this is the number one top selling travel pillow on with over 200 reviewers giving it a 4.5 star rating and loads of positive professional reviews in the national press. This is also my favorite neck support pillow as it allows me to get comfortable in multiple positions and just snuggle up and say good night until the flight is over. Very comfortable. In addition, as this is an inflatable airplane pillow (or car, bus, train etc.) it's very easy to transport and it does inflate easily too. Now you can also buy plush pillow covers for it as well so it just gets better.


What Is A Travel Pillow Anyway?

These are generally inflatable neck support pillows designed to make the typically uncomfortable process of travelling from point A to point B, more comfortable so you will arrive happy, refreshed and raring to go and without that telltale stiff neck pain which so often accompanies a long trip.

They are designed to make it easier to sleep or just chill out in uncomfortable seated positions, typically for long air flights as the small, poorly padded flight cushions most airlines provide are less than adequate for a comfortable flight. They can also be used on long car journeys, or for use on a train, bus, or even for snoozing in your armchair at home if you so wish.

Types of Airplane Neck Pillow Devices

Naturally, there is more than one great solution to a simple problem, all of which are great but which will appeal to one person more than the next. Finding the right solution for your own personal needs is going to be a matter of trial and error or reading a few reviews. Personally, I love the TravelRest Inflatable Travel Pillow which, with over 100 reviewers giving it an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 might just be a safe bet for you too, but there are plenty of other options out there as well.

Donut Pillow For Travelling

The more traditional style of travelling pillow headrest is the donut neck pillow or bagel style, call it what you will, these basically look like a horse yoke. You slip your head through it resting it upon your shoulders so your head and neck are supported evenly and drift off to sleep. These can be inflatable traveller pillows or filled with microbeads, buckwheat, memory foam or other filling to provide comfort although for the sake of space, buying a blow up travel pillow will allow you more room in your flight bag when it is deflated.

Some people just do not like this kind of pillow however, with complaints ranging from they are too confining to they are just not comfortable. Again, it's a personal preference thing but there are numerous alternatives, some of which include:

Whatever style you choose for yourself, you can rest assured the quality of your air travel or long road trips etc. will improve thanks to one of these very simple little comforts. Airplane cervical support pillows will leave you feeling refreshed and are the ideal cure for a stiff neck remedy caused by travelling - stop it before it starts!


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