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Getting Through Airport Security

Updated on May 20, 2011

Getting through airport security easily is all about keeping it simple. There is nothing worse than crowds of people, a time crunch and having to hustle load after load of personal belongings onto the x-ray conveyor, standing there without shoes and hustling, fumbling to grab all of your things and not be the one holding up the line. Whew! Just thinking about it makes me tired.

There is an easier way.

We know that metal, liquids and electronics are items of interest. And we all, typically carry at least 1 carry-on, or bag.

Start with the basics.

We know we’re going to have to take off our shoes. So why wear complicated shoes? Keep it simple. flip flops, slip on’s, something quick and easy on and off. Wear socks if you don’t want to be standing bare foot.

Same thing with Jewelry. The airport isn’t a fashion show, so jewelry should be simple or you could keep it in your carry-on, putting it on after you cross the threshold.

With our carry-on, use that time while standing in line to your advantage. Your wallet, your watch, your belt, cell phone, stow them in your carry-on and avoid an unnecessary tray to load and unload.

And the best tip of them all, first in first out. Put things on the conveyor the way you would assemble them.

Shoes go first, so as your waiting for the rest of your things, you can get them on.

Second goes any other items you may not have squeezed into your carry-on, wallet, cellphone, etc

Lap-top bag/carry-on goes third. Get your bag ready for your lap-top/electronics to come through so you can just plop them in.

Carry-on last. By now, you’ve got all you need and when it rolls on out, just grab and go.

Save the re-assembly for when you’re comfortably out of the way.

Its amazing how many people will sit there, letting tray after try pile up stopping the flow while they stay in the way holding up the line. But if you follow these simple tips, you can be in and out and on your way while everyone else is still struggling to re-pack.



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