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Alberta -The Idlyllic Getaway

Updated on April 13, 2011


If you are tired of your busy daily schedule and want to take a break, Alberta is the perfect choice for you. Alberta is one of the greatest vacation options to spend a week along with your family and friends. Alberta is one of the prairie provinces of Canada located in the western part of it. The capital city of Alberta is Edmonton which is also the largest city in Calgary. It is named after Louise Caroline Alberta, fourth daughter of Queen Victoria.

There are many things in Alberta to do and see. Alberta's capital Edmonton is situated almost in the geographical center of the province and a majority of Alberta's refineries are here. Southern Alberta is famous for its ranching. Red Deer River is located in the southern part of Alberta. The flat prairie and farmland and deep ravines are grand are quite impressive. The Dinosaur Provincial Park is located near Brooks which is simply amazing. You should include it into your travel itinerary too. There are many ski resorts in places like Jasper National Park, Lake Louise, Sunshine village and Norquay. These places are great for all hardcore skiers. Many golf courses are also located in many places across Alberta.

Sightseeing in Alberta

The Ice fields Parkway is considered as one of the most beautiful highways in the world which leads through the Canadian Rocky Mountains between Lake Louise and Jasper. This is one of the main attractions of Alberta along the 230 km long route through parts of the National Parks Banff and Jasper, the Columbia ice field. You can truly explore Alberta through this highway. If you want to have great hiking experience during your Alberta tour, it can be had in the Rockies. Few lakes are also there where you can enjoy jet skiing, boating and other water sports activities.

Another important place to visit during your Alberta holiday is Sunwapta Falls. The Sunwapta Falls are basically two waterfalls on the Sunwapta River in Jasper National Park in Alberta. It is located at about 55 km south of Jasper.

St. Albert is a city in the Canadian province of Alberta. It is located a few kilometers northwest of Edmonton. Originally it was conceived as a French Canadian missionary settlement but St. Albert is now a wealthy suburb of Edmonton. Spruce Grove is another city in Alberta. Spruce Grove has about 19496 inhabitants and is the eleventh largest city in the province.

More Places to See

Alberta is home to many large carnivores. Grizzly and black bear are the most famous among them. Representatives of smaller carnivore families are the coyote, the wolf, the fox, the Canadian lynx, the bobcat and mountain lion.

Alberta has a number of national parks and provincial parks as well. Jasper National Park and Banff National Park are located in the western part of Alberta, Wood Buffalo National Park is located to the east, while the Dinosaur Provincial Park and Waterton Lakes National Park are located in the southern part. Big Rock, one of the largest boulders in the world, about 16,000 tons and 18 meters high, is located near Calgary.


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