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Alexandria Virginia, Washington D.C.

Updated on May 13, 2015

On the day I visited my nations capitol it was a beautiful summer day, but a very long walk from a friends home into a scenic & historic area. Still I enjoyed every minute I spent walking and taking in as much as I could. While I love photography I hadn't planned these, so they are from my random collection.
As luck would have it not only did I end up there by chance, maybe fate, I hadn't seen this friend in quite some time. My truck had some problems so luckily he lived right off the highway. Regardless, it held a wonderful visit and to me photos which are priceless. I wish I had taken more as my friend revealed missing his family and since has moved back to his homeland in Switzerland.

There's by far too much history, scenery and good Americana to fit into one day. So if you plan on a visit, please try to stay at least a few days. Some places do not allow photography such as the beautiful art museum down by the waterfront. An art lover could easily spend an entire day viewing art from beautiful realism to the pushing boundaries with the never ending styles of avant-garde imaginable. There's something in the Alexandria waterfront district to attract almost anyone from the small but colorful and unique shops, walks through the streets to those who have a passion for natures art - the flower seeker or even to the pub hopper! A trip I highly recommend.

All Photos (c)Kathy Allen, please do not use without permission please!

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The Walk

These are just a few of the shots I got on our walk to the art museum and to the Potomac River. Some people find the boats of particular interest as did my friend. He showed me various boats he'd someday like to own. Hopefully his dream came true!

The street names were a bit intriguing I must say! But on our walk, while I found those of interest, it's something I find of interest in just about everyplace I visit. I think my favorite photograph out of this group was the artistic use of the American Flag.

I thought it was beautifully arranged with a flag centered in each of these plants along the sidewalk of this home. It showed the love of our country and patriotism within a glance if one happened to be driving by. I was lucky enough to be walking to get this amazing photo.

Sailboats & a barge - on the Potomac River

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(C)Kathy Allen(C)Kathy Allen(C)Kathy Allen(C)Kathy Allen(C)Kathy Allen
(C)Kathy Allen
(C)Kathy Allen
(C)Kathy Allen
(C)Kathy Allen
(C)Kathy Allen
(C)Kathy Allen
(C)Kathy Allen
(C)Kathy Allen
(C)Kathy Allen
(C)Kathy Allen

What an amazing day this was! I'll never forget it as long as I live! It was so unexpected and apparently meant to be! I loved the art galleries and little shops along the way, and on the waterfront seeing the people enjoying our countries capitol!

All the beauty and history! I'm glad I had a great tour guide, whose better than a friend to walk you through! Especially when they are from another country and are enjoying being a guide as much as anyone would. Someday I'll make it back, and visit so much more than I had time for then.

I encourage you to visit and take your children. It's a trip they'll never forget! They'll remember you took them and cherish the memory and photos for a lifetime.

Downtown - Sights & Shops

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I realize most everyone knows where the capitol of the United States is, but just in case you have traveled to my country and hadn't planned a visit to our Capitol I'm including a map of the area where I took these photographs.

I hope you get a chance to enjoy more of the scenery and culture than in my short stay!

And as noted below yes I will be going back someday and with a much better camera and much more photos and will add more to the things to see and do while in Alexandria WV.

Thank you again for viewing.

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