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All Inclusive holidays in Europe

Updated on January 22, 2012

All Inclusive holidays in Europe

My new website

I’ve got another new website! I wrote previously about a new website I’d been involved with which is set-up to feature holiday villas around Europe. We’ve just launched another site, which I’m very pleased about, this time we’re focusing on all-inclusive package-holidays in Europe.

We took our children on an all-inclusive holiday to Gran Canaria a couple of years ago (which I wrote a hub page about here). During this holiday I decided that all inclusive really is the way to go when taking a package holiday, so thought I’d get involved with putting a website together to feature all inclusive hotels in popular places Europe. It’s not done purely for love though, I hope to earn a little commission when someone books a holiday we feature!

Anyway, the first place to feature is Majorca. I picked Majorca as it’s a popular Balearic Island to go with families, so there’s quite a lot of choice to be had. If you’re interested in an all-inclusive holiday to Majorca – it’s great, honestly – have a look at the all-inclusive holidays in Majorca we feature. You never know what you might find!

That’s it for now, better crack on with building the website – it won’t happen by itself! Oh, one last thing – the site is called for anyone who’s interested.


If you fancy a holiday in Majorca, you’ll find this Balearic island just off the south east coast of Spain. One of three islands – Ibiza and Menorca being the other two – Majorca has been a popular place to take a holiday in the sun since package holidays first became popular way back in the 1960s. The largest resort on the island is Magaluf, many people wince when they hear the name, as the reputation isn’t great for this particular resort – but that’s a shame. Sure, there are plenty of high rise hotels littering the beach front, but Magaluf can make a good place for a family holiday.

It’s relatively quick to fly down to Majorca too, with flight times typically being under 3 hours. If you’re flying for the first time with younger children, Majorca is a good place to take your first flight – if it turns out the nippers don’t enjoy flying, you know you’ll be off the plane in a couple of hours.

Feel free to drop me any comments as you see fit (be nice please!).

Get stuck in on holiday!

Get stuck in on a water-park. This was taken in "Aqualand" in Gran Canaria
Get stuck in on a water-park. This was taken in "Aqualand" in Gran Canaria


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