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All you need to know about New Zealand

Updated on September 18, 2015

Where is New Zealand?

New Zealand:
New Zealand

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New Zealand is an island nation comprising of two landmasses, both of these islands are located in the south western pacific ocean. New Zealand is around 900 miles away from eastern Australia (1,500km).

What is the Capital of New Zealand?

Capital of New Zealand (Wellington)
Capital of New Zealand (Wellington)
Where Wellington is located in New Zealand
Where Wellington is located in New Zealand

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, it is the second biggest and most populous city in New Zealand after Auckland with a population of 393,000 inhabitants. Wellington is located on the most southerly point of the North island.

 Māori art
Māori art



The Māori are the first people to ever have lived on these islands (it is suggested) and the Māoris have influenced the culture of New Zealand today for example Māori art is widely practiced across New Zealand which consists of traditional weaving and carving; many Māori carvings feature human figures generally with three fingers and natural looking and either a detailed head or grotesque head. Patterns are very popular amongst Māori artists these patterns are mostly wonderful spirals which would decorate the carvings to make them look appealing.


Māori adopted writing quickly they used their skills to write stories and traditional poems, Dunedin a city in New Zealand is the UNESCO City of Literature.

Ethnicity and Immigration

The majority of New Zealanders class themselves as European descent 71% for a fact.

The Māori were the first people to reach New Zealand, followed by the early European settlers. Following colonisation, immigrants were predominantly from Britain, Ireland and Australia, and recently many Germans/Mainland Europeans have begun immigrating in vast numbers to this ancient wonderful landscape.

Military & Foreign Relations

In the early days of independent New Zealand, it was ''abandoned'' and left to fend for itself by Britain. New Zealand later joined the United States and Australia to form the ''ANZUS'' treaty; however after the Vietnam war many New Zealanders were unhappy at the United States and began several protests leading to the temporary suspension of the US in the ANZUS treaty, despite this the treaty was still in effect with Australia and New Zealand.

New Zealand's army is pretty small with 6,492 available personnel but there relations with other nations such as the commonwealth e.g. Britain and Australia and partially America gives New Zealand ultimate protection, and also New Zealand's ''Neutral stance'' and the way New Zealand is so isolated makes New Zealand pretty safe from any threat/danger that may threaten other nations,

New Zealand's Army
New Zealand's Army


The climate of New Zealand is a mild temperate maritime climate with temperatures ranging from round 10C in the south to 16C in the North. Snowfall is uncommon on the North island although this does occur for example in 2011. Snowfall in the south of the country is much more common and the snowfall months begin in around June and end in October.

The west coast of New Zealand is extremely wet in the south land to extremely dry on the inland mainland on the North island.

The average high in the summer is around 20C (Summer highs) and 14C (Summer lows) despite this the average has been constantly beaten, and lows in New Zealand are around 6C-7C (Winter lows) with highs of 11C (Winter highs) however this all depends on which island/area you are in as New Zealand's temperature varies significantly depending on what part of the country you are in.

New Zealand Mountain range
New Zealand Mountain range


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