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Allowing Bicyle on MRT Trains in Singapore

Updated on October 15, 2010

Taxi Stand No More

Allowing Bikes on MRT Trains

This is interesting isn't it? I am sure some like it and some don't. Today over FM93.8 people were sharing about this topic. Some thoughts that ran through my mind was.... How far will this go? How gracious can our society be? What is allowed next on MRT Trains? How big is the Bike? Where is a convenient place to rest your bike or bicycle? Is SMRT going to increase the number of trips per day if more people bring their bikes on trains?

Petrol Price Increase - Likely scenario will be those who used to drive and park at the Park-and-Ride car parks, to save on petrol and car park fees, will take this new rule to their advantage. How much can a bike cost? Definitely not more than what he pays for petrol and the car park fees. It is good to invest in a bicycle, do a little exercise in the morning to bring him to the MRT Station and then take a ride home after office hours from the MRT Station. If he likes, maybe ride all the way home from office... good exercise and also save money on MRT fare.

Size of Bike - I think there is a limit as to how big a package someone can bring onto MRT Trains. Now, what is the allowable size of the bike? Will MRT officers be stationed at the entrance to measure the size of the bikes? If no one is to help determine the size of the bike.... someone will bring his foldable racing or mountain bike into the train. That will take up the space of 3 or 4 passengers. Ridiculous....right?

MRT Trips Increase - I understand, recently there were complaints about being squeezed during peak hours. Then there was a decision to increase the number of trips a day. Imagine 10% of passengers do bring their bikes on board the trains, and bikes can take up at least 2 passenger-space easily.... the authorities must start thinking of increasing more trips.

No Bikes on Trains during Peak Hours - Wow! If this is implemented, then why allow bikes on trains. Who would want to ride a bike during off peak time. Likely those who are office staff would want to do it so that they can cut bus waiting time and save on bus fare, save car park fees, save petrol, even sell off their cars if a bike becomes a more convenient and beneficial mode of transport.

This is an interesting thing which will take time to be accepted by the public. Like one person said over FM93.8, Let us learn to be gracious about the whole thing. Singaporeans need to learn to be gracious. I think, the people who bring bikes on trains need to be considerate, and those bikeless passengers learn to be gracious.... if the two can tango well.... what an awesome place Singapore can be.

I welcome your comments...... only gracious ones will be published.


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  • jollytan profile image

    jollytan 9 years ago from Singapore

    Maybe more should get your bikes.... or else more Taxi stands will become what I saw at Compass Point a few days ago.  Take a good look at picture above... if the bikes go on MRT trains, where are people going to stand???? How many more train trips to add to the daily runs. It is good and bad problem.

    Read more about LTA press release on bikes on MRT Trains here

  • profile image

    Wee 9 years ago

    Hi, good news sir. Xootr urban scooters are in town!. Check it out, really suitable for MRT carriage and short 2km commute. Zero Emmission , maximum fun, and efficient!! check it out at

    Boon Chong

  • profile image

    jollytan 9 years ago

    Just thought of adding this also.... if the MRT trains do allow strollers, wheel chairs, prams (huge ones with twins inside), taking in a few more foldable bikes should not be an issue right? Let this go on a trial run.... and should anyone flout the rules, I think the authorities will know what action to take.