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Staying At Alys Beach, Florida

Updated on June 1, 2016

Welcome to the luxury world of 30A, a relatively new development, and a hot spot of the ultra trendy, uber luxury beachfront resort property. With multiple quaint little towns, and some of the most unspoiled beachfront property on the beach, 30A is the new where to go place if you want to live on the beach, and have a little extra spending cash. All the little villages are all a couple minutes apart, and each has its own uniqueness about it, making the 30A area and all of the Alys Beach real estate area its own little wonderland on the Florida Coast.

Alys Beach, Florida

Alys Beach has the recognition as one of the newest and also one of the most visually striking of the 30A community’s. Twice the size of Seaside, and containing only 900 custom villas and homes, Alys Beach is steeped in Bermuda-esque architecture as well as the Caribbean laid-back way of life. One of the first things most people notice about Alys Beach is the large “butteries” on the property edge. Before refrigeration, the homes in the Bermuda area had butteries, which were designed to store and preserve perishable food. Although in Alys Beach, they are no longer used in such manor, but serve as monuments, as well as the backdrop for 16 unique murals that show the history and heritage of the 30A area. Alys Beach is also home to one of the world’s largest and most extravagant swimming pools, the Caliza. Nestled deep inside the secluded outdoor living area, the Caliza features a 50’x100’ saltwater pool, a 60’ family pool, and a 75’ lap pool. Featuring a 5 Star poolside restaurant, alfresco architecture, and private cabanas, and you have a destination that is easy to see why it’s a family favorite. Even if you’re not staying in Alys Beach for your trip to the beach, you can still enjoy the beauty and splendor of this small community by foot or bike, thanks to the closeness of all the 30A community’s.

The Caliza

The founders of Alys Beach had a vision for the area, and part of that vision was the Caliza Pool. They wanted to make one of the most beautiful pools in the world, and when Alys Beach was opened to the public, their dream became a reality. The pool was conceived as a large community space, with timeless Greek and Roman architecture, and comprises a total of 4 pools. Throughout the entire complex, exquisite architecture combines with fountains, lush landscaping, and views of the Gulf combine to make some of the most relaxing and tranquil relaxation areas on the gulf coast. Featuring a 50’x100’ main pool, a separate family pool, a lap pool, and large spa whirlpool, you can be sure that there is some sort of water fun to be had for your family while visiting the Caliza Pool. The term “Caliza” comes from Spanish, meaning “Limestone”. Because of this, the entire main pool is paved completely out of Dominican limestone. Also, the main pool is one of the largest saltwater pools in the world. Comfort has been designed directly into the pool as well, with a negative edge that encircles the entire pool that descends into a tile mosaic that covers the pool walls, as well as the built in benches around the pools perimeter that allow pool-goers the chance to relax and sunbathe. Both ends of the pool also are equipped with large steps for easy access. Even the terrace that the pool is on is specially designed to be raised and is contained by an open-air loggia and garden walls, making this truly a tropical oasis. But not only does the main pool have its own theme and function, each area has its own theme. The south loggia was designed to be that of a salon marocain, or furnished outdoor living room, and even has a painted wood ceiling. The dining loggia area was designed as an open-air bar and was decorated with Cuban tiles and gentle mosaics. Sitting areas and dining areas spot the back of the bar area, and the walls are punctuated with wood screened openings. The 75 foot long lap pool is state of the art, including iPod docks that allow guests to listen to their own music underwater while doing laps. Bathhouses can be found at each end, one for women and the other for men. Nestled deep within the complex is the whirlpool, privately hidden by terraces and hedges. Also near the whirlpool is a set of stairs that lead to a upstairs viewing platform and terrace that allows views of the Gulf of Mexico.

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Alys Beach, Florida


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