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Amazing Arabian Desert Life

Updated on September 16, 2014

Arabian Desert Geography

Arabian desert is situated in western Asia. Arabian desert is occupies large area in Arabian peninsula from Yemen to Persian Gulf and Oman to Jordon and Iraq to Saudi Arabia. Rab al Khali is also part of Arabian Desert which is one of the largest bodies of sand in the world. Arabian desert temperature is very dry and hot. Day time temperature can raise to above fifty degree and in winters night time temperature is cold and freezing. Despite harsh and hot environment Arabian desert is home to several species of animals and insects.

Insects and Animal Life in Arabian Desert

Animals and insects have ability to change their lives according to tough Arabian desert environment. Due to their hard nature Insects are most common residents in Arabian desert. These insects can survive in extreme day time temperature. Arabian desert is also home to a large number of mammal population. Goats and camels are also available in Arabian. Most of the animal life depends on plants which are found in desert.

Plant Species in Arabian Desert

Large number of plant species are also available in Arabian desert most of them can survive in extreme hot desert temperature. Plants are proving comforts, foods and benefits to thousands of local residents. Despite harsh, dry and hot environment Arabian desert is home to human population last three thousand years. Most of the human population are living near water wells and oasis's because water is basic need of human being.

Rains in Arabia Desert

Rains are very rare in Arabian sea and water is very precious commodity for local desert population. Most of the population in Arabian desert is Arabic and their main religion is Islam. Arabic is major language some other ethnic tribes are also resident of Arabian desert. Despite ethnic and cultural differences most of people are living like same family and they are sharing their happiness and sorrows with each other. Despite big dunes of sand every where now most of the desert can access through roads and transportation means are better than before.

Population of Arabia Desert

The earliest population of the desert is Bedouin who are very familiar with the life style and hardship of Arabian desert. Bedouin use camel milk, dates and other local things to survive in harsh environment. Bedouin tribes have their own culture and customs and enjoying harsh and hard desert life thousands of year. Bedouin are very strong and hard working people and some of them trying hard to use desert land for agriculture purpose but their important wealth is their cattle's. Goats and camel are most common animals in Arabian desert.

Medical and Transportation Facilities in Arabia Desert

Local government specially in Saudi Arabia now trying hard to provide them all modern facilities of life now most of dessert population has proper electricity and medical facilities and all means of transportation. Now Bedouin are also very familiar with today's modern cites customs and culture.

The Arabian Desert (A Wildlife Documentary Film)

Geography of Arabian Desert

Arabia Desert:
Desert Saudi Arabia

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Arabian Desert in Pictures


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    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 

      5 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Beautiful pictures of a not well known part of the planet. Lovely.


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