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Amazing Beauty of Dal Lake Kashmir

Updated on September 29, 2014

Dal Lake Most Beautiful Lake of Kashmir

Dal lake is considers world most beautiful lake situated in Kashmir capital Srinagar. Dal lake is the second largest lake in Kashmir due to its remarkable beauty Dal lake is also called jewel of Kashmir and beauty of Srinagar. The Dal lake is also an important source of fishing and plant harvesting. The shore line of the Dal lake is about sixteen kilometer.

Origin of Dal Lake Kashmir

There are several theories regarding the origin of the lake, but main theory about the origin of lake states that the Dal lake was formed due to heavy floods in Jhelum river. Dal lake is the main source of income for several thousand local people.

Dal lake is the home of more than seventeen types of fishes. The fishing industry on Dal lake is second largest in the region. Dal lake is also famous for beautiful gardens built in the Mughal era.

Dal Lake Fishing

Mughals tried hard to build Kashmir as a summer capital. Mughal architecture is very famous and worth seeing in Kashmir. The Dal lake has an average depth of five feet and maximum depth of twenty feet.

Fishing is such an important industry and profession of local people. Tourists and outsiders are not allowed for fishing in Dal lake. During summer season local people grow vegetables in the water.

Dal Lake Major Tourist Spot In Kashmir

The Dal lake is divided in four basins and several channels. Dal lake is main and iconic tourist spot in Kashmir. Large number of people from all over the world visit the Dal lake to see the natural beauty of Kashmir.

In peak winter season freezing lake and floating gardens attract large number of people. The main attraction of Dal lake is its house boat people usually come all over the world to stay on a wooden house boats many house boats are well furnished similar to luxury hotels.

Amazing Sunset at Dal Lake


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