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Amazing Beauty of Dubai

Updated on June 22, 2013

Dubai is situated in United Arab Emirates. Dubai is located on the south east coast of Persian gulf. Dubai has largest population in United Arab Emirates and second largest UAE estate by area. Dubai is now considers world most modern city.

World tallest building Burj Khalifah is situated in Dubai. High rise buildings, busy roads, sandy beaches and five star hotels are recognition of Dubai. Large number of tourists around the world visit Dubai to see the natural beauty and beautiful construction of Dubai.

Dubai climate is extremely hot especially in extreme summer season. Most days are sunny throughout the year. Humidity level is very high in summer.

Dubai has a wide collection of buildings and architectures. Burj Al Arab is one of the famous architecture in Dubai. Burj Al Arab is situated in heart of Dubai and major tourist place. Construction of building was completed in five years. It is situated near Aljumairah beach.

Dubai Metro system is world most modern intercity rail service which provides transportation facilities to thousands of people every day . Dubai Metro service is world second cheapest rail service. Project total cost was estimated four billion dollars.

Dubai has called the shopping capital of the middle east . Dubai has more than seventy top level shopping malls including the world largest shopping mall Dubai mall. All shopping malls are full with leading international and local brands and major attraction of large number of tourist and foreign people. Dubai shopping festival is month long shopping festival held in every year.

Geography of Dubai

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Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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