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Amazing Belgrade's parks

Updated on May 8, 2016

Kalemegdan's park- Kalemegdan

One of my favourite places in Belgrade is Kalemegdan with its Kalemegdan park and its Kalemegdan Fortress. Kalemegdan is the historical core of Belgrade and it lies on the right banks of both rivers, the river Sava and the river Danube. When I want to relax , I enjoy the amazing panoramic view from Kalemegdan into rivers the Sava and the Danube. Walking in Kalemegdan park and passing through its gates , where each gate has its glorious historical story from clock Gate, Zindan Gate, King Gate to Karageorge's Gate to Despot's Gate , I see that the history of Belgrade is so rich and so great. I sit on the bench and watching these fascinating monuments and sculptures I forget my problems after stressful day.

Kalemegdan park is a place for all generations from children to old people who enjoy playing chess. It is the most popular park among Belgraders and for many tourists which visit the capital of Serbia because of the park's numerous winding walking paths, sheded benches, monuments, historical sculptures,fountains and restaurants.This park is the largest park and the most important historical monument in Belgrade at the same time.Its name is formed from the two Turkish words KALE whose meaning is fortress and MEGDAN whose meaning is battlefield.

The Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan park together represent a cultural monuments of exceptional importance. Belgrade Fortress with its catacombs and secret underground halls is the core and the oldest section of the urban area of Belgrade. For centuries the city population was concentrated only within the walls of the fortress. The first mention of the city is when it was founded in the 3rd century BC as SINGIDUNUM. The name Belgrade means white town and it was first mentioned in AD 878. In 1521 the fortress was conquered by the Turks.

After Kalemegdan park is located on a 125 -metre high cliff at the junction of the River Sava and the Danube there is a panoramic view of Belgrade at the confluence of these rivers , especially amazing at sunset. There are two parts , the Large and Little parks and it provides ideal places for relaxing and entertainment for all visitors of this interesting place.

At the entrance of Kalemegdan park visitors and tourists can buy souvenirs from Serbia.

Fantastic panoramic view at the confluence of the River Sava and the River Danube


The VICTOR-Pobednik

The monument called The Victor is one of the symbols of Belgrade and is one the most visited tourist attractions in Belgrade with extraordinary scenic rivers views. The Victor -Pobednik in Serbian is located in the Belgrade Fortress and it was built in 1928 to commemarate Serbia's victory over Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empire during the Balkans wars and the First World War. It was built by the famous sculptur Ivan Meštrović and the Victor holds the sword in one arm and and the falcon in the other arm. This monument, whose height is 14 metres, dominate an area of Kalemegdan park. It is the great art work.

The Victor-Pobednik is the Protector of Belgrade


The secrets of Kalemegdan park

When you come to Kalemegdan's park , you feel relaxed but at the same time you feel admiration about the history of this amazing place watching these old buildings , monuments and gates. Every stone speaks its glorious story. Of course, this park hides its secrets. When the film genius Alfred Hitchcock visited round Belgrade in 1964 he had a special pleasure to visit the famous Roman well in Kalemegdan park. He said that ambience was a sweet in his opinion. This place hides a strange and cruel history.

Roman well a prison during its history and a lot of people died in it. If you want to visit this strange place you must go downstairs. There are 212 of stairs and you feel unusual and cold winds from the capital underground when you come down to the water level. The stairs consist of two spiral halls wraping and entangled along well's cylinder. An one that is faling and the other is back up to the exit of this well. The total length of Roman well is 60.15 m and its radius is 3.4m. This radius is to the depth of 53.15 metres where it narrows and its radius is 2m at this depth. This Roman well was finished in 1731 by Austrians and the name Roman well was given by Austrians. It is cosidered that in this well thirty-seven rebels were thrown to die without food and drink during Ottoman empire. Also, there was Roman fortress at the place of present Kalemegdan 2000 years ago.

Every visitor must be impressed in front of this Kalemegdan park and its rich history Belgrade fortress is well known for its kilometres long tunnels underground, corridors and catacombs.There is one place in Kalemegdan that is believed to be miraculous. It is one spring near the church called Chapel of Saint Petka that is located in the Upper Town of Belgrade Fortress. Many visitors visit this church and use the water of this spring because they believe that this water miraculous and has special powers for curing sick people.

Very close to the Chapel of Saint Petka is another church called the Rose Church-Crkva Ružica in Serbian. The Rose Church is the oldest church in Belgrade and it is first mentioned in 15 th century and it was destroyed in early 18 th century. After that, it is rebuilt in the present location, situated in Down City on Kalemegdan, A special curiosity and an interesting fact is that this church , during its history, was used by Turks for storehousing of ammunution dump. Also, it was military church during its history. At the etrance of this church there are two sculptures: An one represents a soldier during ruling of Serbian King Dušan Silni, and the other represents a soldier from Balkans wars. The Rose Church is one of 10 ecclesia-eklezija with interior formed of military munition.

Kalemegdan in Belgrade

Have you ever visited Kalemegdan park?

Have you ever visited Kalemegdan park?

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The beauty of Kalemegdan park


The park Košutnjak

When I want to have a barbecue with my friends my favourite place is Košutnjak. It represents a park forest with clean fresh air and urban neighborhood of Belgrade. It is one of the most popular recretional places in Belgrade with its largest sports center called Košutnjak. Košutnjak is a forest and a park at the same time. It is my favourite outing areas where my friends and I play sports and have a barbecue.

My favourite place in Košutnjak is in front of the restaurant called Golf. if you don't have intention to make barbecue in nature, you can try a speciality called Golf in this restaurant...

Park Košutnjak with amazing natural beauties in spring

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