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Amazing Karakoram Highway

Updated on August 27, 2014

Karakorum Highway - Wonder of Modern World

Karakorum highway is wonder of modern world and highway long mountainous road and its amazing construction is astonishing for every one. Only few roads of present world can compete with Karakorum highway. Mountainous journey, high mountains and difficult curves are beauty of Karakorum highway. Due to difficult journey and dangerous curves Karakorum road journey is extremely dangerous and Karakorum road is master peace of engineering skills of Pakistanis and Chinese engineers and road construction workers. People of both countries will always remember sacrifices and hard work of engineers and workers.

Geography of Karakoram Highway

Karakoram Highway:
Karakoram Highway, Pakistan

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Karakoram Highway Location

Karakoram high is Pakistan highest road. Road is connect China and Pakistan thorough Karakoram mountain range. Some monotonous areas road height is more than fifteen thousand feet high. Due to very high location and amazing construction Karakoram highway is called eighth wonder of world. Approximately fifteen thousand men of Pakistan army and thousands Chinese workers working several years and turned most difficult mountainous way to Karakorum high way.

Karakoram Highway Construction

The highway is greatest memorial to those who sacrificed their lives during construction work due to dangerous ways, land sliding and bad weather. Karakoram high way was built by Pakistan and Chinese governments. Due to great relations between both countries China and Pakistan Karakoram highway also called friend ship highway. Construction of Karakoram high way was started in 1959 and road was completed in 1979.

Karakoram High Way Most Dangerous Journey

Karakoram high way is located in mountainous region of Karakoram due to location of road construction was very difficult work. During construction hard weather, dangerous slopes, landslides made things bad to worse for construction engineers and workers several times. Eight hundred Pakistani workers and two hundred Chinese workers lost their lives. Pakistan side of Karakorum highway was constructed under supervision of Pakistan army engineers.

Karakoram Highway Tourist Attraction

Due to natural beauty, mountain region and amazing views Karakoram highway is major tourist attraction place in Pakistan. People usually comes from all over the country to see the great construction of Amazing Karakorum highway with natural beauty and amazing views.

Karakorum Highway Mark of Pakistan and China Friendship

Karakorum highway is big mark of friendship between China and Pakistan. Both countries tries hard to create wonder of modern world The Karakorum highway. Now people of both countries are using Karakorum highway to boost economic and social ties between China and Pakistan.

In winter heavy rains, land sliding and heavy snow caused heavy damage in several areas of Karakorum high way. Due to heavy land sliding and uncertain weather ordinary people find it difficult to reach their destinations. Armies of both countries tried hard to fight uncertain weather and tough conditions in high mountain areas to open the road.

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Amazing Journey Karakorum Highway

Karakoram Highway in Pictures


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    • agusfanani profile image


      6 years ago from Indonesia

      An amazing construction and it certainly needed great effort considering how it was constructed in such difficult terrain.


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