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Amazing Travel Series # 3 - Zhoushan, Zhejiang, China: A Fast Developing Port & Commercial Hub

Updated on November 22, 2012

Where to find Zhoushan

A markerZhoushan, Zhejiang, China -
Zhoushan, Zhejiang, China
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Notions from the Grapevine

I admire the scenery that flooded right before my eyes when I first saw the city of Zhoushan in the province of Zhejiang, China.

It's clean and organized as I can't see any slum areas protruding and making an eyesore to the booming port industry and commercialism.

If the effects of discipline, orderliness and tenacity of the people can sprout under the rule of communism, why can't we do it in a democratic way?

That question suddenly sprang from the mind of every Filipino seafarer who witnessed the goings-on in the city, one will always remark positively on the outcome of a military rule.

Residents of Zhoushan are aware of the campaign being bannered by the city officials as they target to finish the development before 2020.

I've taken the courage to take photos of the place, from the hotel we've been billeted, the fishing port and the vessels I've seen at the anchorage.

Although, the decaying part of the port are now being cleaned and replaced with new features, such as skyways, commercial buildings and modern facilities, the neighborhood are still in awe when they see foreign seafarers, such as Filipinos, Thailanders, and the like frolicking at the busy streets bargaining with the vendors selling their items, like shoes, fruits, et cetera.

Language barrier can be overcome by signs or bodily gestures with the help of broken English as residents can't understand what we're saying in order to open a conversation or close a business or transaction.

Still, I'm excited to share what I have seen and I am now a changed man when it comes to the perception on how a communist China can be number one in the entire world when it comes to business and modernization.

Amid the dark stories that happened from the past, Zhejiang province and its cities, like Zhoushan will never look back as they leap forward towards progress.

Travel Guide to interested tourists

Zhoushan city is composed of islands, about 1,000 but only the 23 of it are inhabited by the people.

It is also dubbed as member the Yangtze River delta city group and prime marine resources in China.

Out of those islands, the ones being promoted by local tourism department are the:Putuo mountain, Shengsi islands, Daishian islands and Peach Blossoms islands and also the most historical city of Dinghai.

If you're not familiar with the terrain, they have an English-translated brochure (which I photographed) for you to initially know the cultural and heritage sites that you should visit.

Note: I think they just Google translated their tourism write-up, but it's still understandable. You can browse the initial page below.

Green Hotels

Seafarers are quite lucky to enjoy the amenities of the place where they will be embarking, even for just a night or two.

In my new experience, from flight PR 336 in Manila, Philippines up to Shanghai Pudung International airport, along with foreign tourists, we were billeted at one new 'green' hotel at Dinghao city, a neighboring city of Zhoushan.

Green hotels refer to a commercial establishment on hospitality and tourism that observe preservation of nature and recycling of used products within the premises.

You can read a page I photographed about this and understand the importance of implementing the earnest remedies to save Mother Earth.

Prelude to Zhoushan

What's been worrying me about being a traveler is the food, treatment of people and their culture.

I also include the 'wear & tear' of enduring the effects of nausea or jet lag as you travel by air, land and water.

Although, I have much tolerance with the residual effects of such travel nuances, I am also taking into consideration all the surprises and consequences that I will encounter once I landed into a foreign place, such as Zhoushan.

A transit tourist, one who'll stay for a night or two at the place, like a seafarer should always remember the question being asked by the custom examiner at the exit area of an airport, " Are you here for pleasure or business?" Or simply, " BUSINESS or PLEASURE?"

If you answer both, I am sure they're going to have a follow-up question.

As for the Filipino overseas workers (OFW) like me, I noticed (always) that there will be a separate lane intended for us, especially seafarers.

Documents should always come in handy as you present it to the customs or immigration officers. Passport, Seaman's Book, Customs Declaration and other pertinent papers should be properly stashed in your hand-carried bag or backpack.

Hand-carried items are always inspected. Bottled mineral or distilled water is always prohibited. You can bring vitamin pills and other prescribed medicine, but you always have to declare it to avoid delays if inspected by custom officer.

Having a mindset to travel should always come first.

It doesn't matter whether you'll travel by group or alone. It always matter to be vigilant about your companion. Too much trust can be damaging if travel advisory on drug smuggling and the like will always alarm most of the traveler.

Have a checklist of what you'll put into your luggage. Precautions should always be anticipated.

It is both a dangerous but wonderful world out there.

It only a single step to start a long journey.

You can start it here at Zhoushan.

Our dinner after a five-hour bus trip from Shanghai to Dinghao City

Shrimps, mushroom, veggies and white sticky rice to enjoy (Source: Travel Man aka Ireno Alcala)
Shrimps, mushroom, veggies and white sticky rice to enjoy (Source: Travel Man aka Ireno Alcala)

The hotel where we were billeted for a night

Morning scene infront of Guihao Hotel

Enjoying a buffet of breakfast

Port of Zhoushan

Worker at the fish port of Zhoushan

Zhoushan City Health Group Building


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    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 5 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @DayLeeWriter: You bet it does! A sort of new place and adventure...getting to know closer the real situation in mainland China is not like what we hear on television or in the news.

    • DayLeeWriter profile image

      Debra Cornelius 5 years ago from Georgia

      Thanks for sharing! Sounds very exciting!!!

    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 5 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @Old Poolman: Probably, this is my most reluctant hub, whether or not I will feature such place in China were most people are still aloft with foreigners.

      (Note: My netbook is also giving me difficulties while publishing this hub. Still I am adding other features as updates on this article.)

    • profile image

      Old Poolman 5 years ago

      Wow, what a great description of a place few of us have seen. You have a talent for painting pictures with words. This sounds like a place I would like to visit, but that will probably never happen

      Travel safely, and please keep on writing and taking the photos.