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Updated on July 5, 2012



Small Mexican City in the Slope of the Mountains

It was a clear, beautiful sunny August day. I had prepared my equipment the day before; the things I would be carrying with me included a backpack, a change of clothes, a telescope, and some cash. "I do not need anything else." I reflected while looking at my baggage, hoping that day to be a memorable one; before closing the door, I hesitated and went back in to check that the water faucets and gas knobs were completely shut off. "Unwilling to take risks." Once, I left the kitchen sink faucets open and I was nearly charged the whole building.

The trip would take no more than an hour bus drive. I made myself comfortable on the reclining seat of the bus and decided to enjoy the trip; the sight of buildings and houses were passing by me like a flash on the left window side. A little over half an hour of my departure, the city landscape began to change into a series of green bushes and trees; the roaring sound of the passing cars and buses intensely echoed inside my ears.

After 45 minutes, the bus entered the suburbs of the city of Amecameca (small city in the state of Mexico). Amecameca is a tourist destination for hitchhikers intending to climb the volcanoes situated inside the Iztaccíhuatl-Popocatepetl national park; The Hacienda de Panoaya can be distinguish, Just entering the city; the hacienda is home to a zoo, the international museum of the volcanoes, and a museum honoring Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz (Mexican nun and writer), who lived here during her childhood.

Iztaccíhuatl-Popocatepetl national park

Iztaccíhuatl-Popocatepetl national park
Iztaccíhuatl-Popocatepetl national park

Climbing the Volcanoes

After descending from the bus, I went to the tourist information module, which is where I was supposed to meet Tania (tourist guide). I approached the module and distinguished the head of a person protruding out of the counter, I got closer and distinguished a woman; I got even closer and discovered Tania. “Hi! It´s me Jose Juan” I said with joyfulness. Hi! Jose Juan how was your trip?” She corresponded with joy, as well. "fine! I just arrived a few minutes ago.”

She offered me a chair inside the module and our conversation got centered on the theme of climbing and the volcanoes. “Are there many people wanting to climb the volcanoes?” I asked enthusiastically. “Every weekend, there is someone asking information about the tours that I offer.” She answered cordially. From time to time someone would stop by and request tourist information. Those moments would allow me to watch the mountain pictures, most of them were of the volcanoes. "And how much is this?" I heard the voice of a client. "200.00 pesos, it´s fine wood and all handmade." She replied amicably.

Shelter La Joya

Shelter on the Slopes of the Volcanoes

After attending the clients, she would take her habitual seat inside the module. “How often do you take tourists to the volcanoes?” “Typically, every weekend, depending on the weather conditions; today I´m expecting a group of four people whom I´m going to take to Paso de Cortez (3,600 meters, 11,811 ft. above sea level).” She responded. “I´d like to climb the volcano; unfortunately, I didn´t bring appropriate equipment this time.” I replied. “I can take you on a tour closer the volcano to a shelter known as la joya (tourist shelter on the slopes of the volcano).” She offered kindly. “That seems fascinating.” I said, leaving open the possibility of coming back at a later date.

“When you decide to come again to amecameca, just give me a call so I can set aside a place for you on one of my tours to the volcanoes.” She uttered courteously. “I have your e-mail and your phone number, so we are in contact. Maybe next winter, I´ll make plans to profit those days in amecameca.” I agreed to her invitation. The thought of the kitchen faucets was making turns around my head. "I have to go now, Tania; I´ll give you a visit next winter." "I´ll be waiting for you, Jose Juan. Have a nice trip back to your home!” “Thanks! Tania, I enjoyed your instructing conversation about the volcanoes, you´ll hear from me soon.”


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