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Thinking about Cancun, huh?

Updated on February 19, 2016

This is it!

At 25 I decided that I needed a change in my life, adventure, a purpose, so I made an unplanned and spur of the moment choice to move to Cancun after vacationing there two or three times before. I was burning with anticipation for the adventures ahead and yet terrified that I was making a mistake. Afterall, the only plan I had was my airline ticket...

Well, three years later and I am still here and with advice and knowledge to help guide you on your own adventure, be it vacations or moving here yourself.

There is no need to stress.

Ok, so you are trying to plan for the unknown right? Throw that plan out! The only things you should plan on are your travel and housing/hotel, all else will come after you get here.

There is a completely off the wall kind of living and scheduling here so don`t plan everything down to the very last detail and have a time frame as to which things must be accomplished. Beleive me when I say that most locals do not have a concept of urgency or "on schedule" kind of lifestyle.

Example: I rented a house, paid for the upcoming month giving the owners two weeks to move out, which they assured me was no problem and gave me every re-assurance they would, so I moved my things into the garage of the house and went on vacation for the next two weeks. Well, returning three days late, I get home from my trip and walk into my new house to find the owners hadn`t moved a thing out and were asking for another two weeks without any kind of accomidation on my rent or the fact that I now had to pay for a week in a hotel. No message was sent to me, no phone call, no notice that they were not ready. I politely declined the two extra weeks and told them they had three days, its only when there is pressure and a past deadline realization that things get moving. This scheduling goes for my drivers lic. and visa too.

Nothing on the "Mexican" side of things has ever been completed on time for me. So do your part and DO NOT STRESS about the deadlines being missed because you can be sure that they aren`t stressed at all. When you get here you can plan away, tours, best beaches to visit, local hotspots and whatever else you need. It is always best to ask a local those, "what can I do for fun?" and "Where can I find this?" type of questions anyway. You can also make deals on the tours you want, never a need to pay full price!

The Hotel Zone

Take a Walk

Whenever I visit a new place I prefer to walk around after I eat or shop, of course I stay on main roads with lots of lighting. So take a quick walk around and see what you can discover! Cancun has many hidden gems to be discovered, old bookstores, art centers and old churches to name a few. I discovered many of my favorite hangouts by either getting lost or taking a quick walk around. If you do get lost you are in luck, there is always a taxi driving by or a nice local to ask for directions, even if they don`t speak english they will try to help you find someone who does if they have the time.

Helpful Tips

Things to Pack
Money Accepted
Do Research
Enviro-friendly Sunscreen
Dollars (US)
on Exchange Rates
Walking Shoes
on the Weather
Other Currency Not Much
On Activities

Get Involved With A Good Cause!

Helping Out!

Of course I would suggest getting involved and helping out where you can, either with the Red Cross or an Animal Rescue Project (Like Mine *wink *wink) No matter how long you plan to enjoy Cancun. Getting involved in a good cause is a great way to stay active and engaged in this culture, also helping set an example for a culture without much in the way of animal rights or protection against animal cruelty. For me I find importance in being a voice for ill, abused and neglected animals, There are only so many one person can help, house and care for. There are so many that I am unable to help. Cancun has many rescue projects to volunteer with, and do they ever need the help, so keep your heart happy and get involved!

The basics

Simplify, get right down to the basics. What do you want? What do you want to see and do? What interests you and what do you want out of your time in Cancun? These are the questions you should plan from if you decide to plan ahead or even to keep in mind while you do your research. Go ahead, write down your thoughts and then get to researching! As always, you should plan for you. Always Do You!


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