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The Amish Way Of Life - People Who Cherish The Amish Lifestyle - Picture A Culture Of Its Own

Updated on October 8, 2017

The Amish People, Amish Communities, Amish Faith

The following article will show a few Amish people captured in photos. It will give information about the Amish people, Amish communities and the Amish faith and how these people cherish the Amish lifestyle. To some, it is a very interesting culture and way of life especially considering the hectic way that most people in society live their lives today.

The Amish faith dictates almost every aspect of their lives from the way they dress to their hair length to the way they run their farms. They are a people with very strong beliefs and the Amish communities with the Amish culture beliefs are made up as to separate themselves from worldly things which they believe would interfere with their faith. Their separation from the rest of society is believed to strengthen their faith.

Amish Man


Amish Lifestyle- A Preferred Way of Life

The Amish lifestyle and preferred way of life revolves around farming. They feel that it is best for the family in a rural place. This and the absence of TV, radio, electricity or telephone in their homes they believe keeps the modern world out of there lives to an extent therefore not intruding on their lifestyle, culture and beliefs.

There clothing is very plain. Simple blues and blacks are usually used for clothing with no accessories except suspenders.

The amish have a very strong sense of community, are very helpful by nature and often come to lend a hand for those in need. ( ex. barn raising). They are helpful in their own communities but also very helpful outside of their own communities as well.

Amish children usually attend a one room school house. Their schooling ends at eighth grade at which time they work on the farms or in the home. Families usually consist of 6 or 7 children. Chores are divided by sexual role and the father is the head of the household. All are expected to do chores.

The amish people are often known for their woodworking skills, quilting and bakked goods. Shops in Amish communities often consist of places to go to buy or order amish goods and amish built furniture which are always well made and popular amoung modern community members.

Amish Way Of Life

Amish Life

Amish Farm
Amish Farm | Source
Amish culture
Amish culture | Source
Amish Lifestyle
Amish Lifestyle | Source

The Amish

Amish Country
Amish Country
Amish Farm
Amish Farm

Amish Child


Amish Children

Amish Boy
Amish Boy
Amish Kids
Amish Kids
Amish Girl
Amish Girl

Amish Photos

Amish Fishing
Amish Fishing | Source

Amish Farming

Amish Farmer
Amish Farmer


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    • Michael Shane profile image

      Michael Shane 8 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

      I'm kinda jealous of them rascals. I have visited & bought from many of em' in different parts of the country. I used to help a family near Loretta Lynn's Ranch in Tennessee years ago! Brings back memories!

    • malonge profile image

      malonge 8 years ago from Western New York On Hubpages

      Thanks so much. I live near a few different Amish communities.

    • profile image

      "Quill" 8 years ago

      Awesome pictures especially the last one...peace and tranquility...