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Amsterdam - City of Love or City of Sin?

Updated on March 8, 2016

Where to shop in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is frequented with many different shopping streets, lying in the historic city centre. One such street is the Kalverstraat which is lined with designer boutiques as well as some other different high street chains. The centrepiece of shopping here is at De Bijenkorf, a huge department store which sits on the Rembrandtsplein. This store which is owned by the same people as Selfridges in London has an array of designer and luxury goods, all housed in a gothic style building. Other shopping areas include the Harlemmemeer where small boutiques selling jewellery and handbags can be found

Where to eat in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, one can find many different fast food establishments, particularly ones selling frikadel (a type of fried sausage) and frites (or french fries). However if you are looking for more than just your average greasy provisions, there are many excellent restaurants for you. For example, Rijsel on Marcusstraat is a small, well-lit rotisserie with a 60s vibe where they serve no-­nonsense food. This is a good place to chill out and not spend too much money.

Where to stay in Amsterdam

Staying in Amsterdam can be very expensive, so ensure your accommodation arrangements are sorted before you get there. However, if you have money to burn, look no further than Hotel Americain. This hotel has a sort of old fashioned ambience but also has a rustic appeal to it, one nights stay in this establishment will set you back €150 per night. However if you are not looking to shell out for accommodation, and you like things more upbeat, go to the Hans Brinker budget hotel. It's the rowdiest party hostel there is: come for the price, stay for the location, leave when you can’t stand the noise a second longer. Brilliant.

Hotel Americain

What to go and see in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam there are many different musuems. A must see if you are an art fanatic is the Rijksmuseum, here you will find many paintings from artists such as Rembrandt and Van Gogh. However, if you like history, the Anne Frank museum is located a 15 minute walk away from the Centraal station. Or you can visit the Red Light District, which, even though it is one of the older parts of the city, it has a buzzing nightlife scene with different clubs and bars to suit your every taste.


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