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Amsterdam with the boys

Updated on November 18, 2014

Cannabis Museum in Amsterdam

Cannabis Museum in Amsterdam
Cannabis Museum in Amsterdam

Nagaiting Amsterdam

So here we go again. Only a year after my last mates stag weekend In Amsterdam, In the morning once again I'm flying out to one of the most Incredible and beautiful city's in the world. The time two of my mates are getting married, so Its a double whammy!!

I mean last year was bad enough about 25 of us went. 2 got pulled out of a canal (Alive :) ) 1 ended up In hospital (Mushrooms - he actually called the ambulance himself! Quite funny) 4 missed there flights home, the 2 of them missed the rescheduled one! And 1 spent the evening with HM Customs on the way back.

The only thing with going on a stag weekend with the boys is that you don't get to see anything more than the inside of the bars, I decided this year was going to be different!

The first thing you have to overcome on a trip to Amsterdam Is Schiphol Airport, this thing Is huge. It has corridors branching off everywhere. The chances of a gang of drunk lads getting on the train as one, were slim to none. My mate Adam who was right there with me, ended up lost and wandering Into our hotel in the City Centre at stupid o'clock!

Although the best walk of all Is around the Red Light District. Window after window of quarter dressed girls of all shapes and sizes. They are expensive -you don't have to go with one of these wonderful ladies to know the prices, they will tell you without asking! Trust me :) - But If money was no object, you would have a good time!

If you are not Into the ladies of the night, or you are not a big drinker and just want to see the sights, you can walk around this city all day. There are alleyways and streets with shops with all kinds of stuff for sale.The Architecture In Amsterdam Is stunning just wander around and look at It all.

Anyway as I am on a stag weekend after all and Id love to give to tips on what to Museum to visit or what tour to take, but I think I will stick to what I know. Here hare a few tips for staying In one of the best cities In the world.

Please leave a comment and If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Pizzeria Azzurro


The first night I decided to take to boys to a steakhouse I came across a few years back. Pizzeria Azzurro. This place (and than the 3 Sisters In the Rembrandtplein, but Is always rammed) serves the best steak In The Dam. The prices were reasonable, about 12euro for the specials. Make sure you try the Mushroom sauce with your steak, you wont be disappointed. The only thing about this place is the brass instruments hanging above your head on very thin looking wire and fastened to the ceiling (which Itself must be hundreds of years old) by some dodgy looking screws!

Try and get a seat up the top near the window, which I must say has a brilliant view over the canal. A real nice restaurant that wont disappoint.

The Pizzeria Azzurro Is located on a small cobbled street behind The Globe Hostel (DO NOT STAY HERE, Dump and Fire hazard) 45 Zeedijk a few doors down from Sakura Tattoo.

If you fancy a snack I recommend stopping in the Nieuwmark. Cafe Mondo, Poco Loco and losje all do gorgeous warm bagels with different fillings. Mmmm :)

You could ever try the Wok and Walk If your In a rush. They rice and noodles In a box for around 5.5e - 7e depending what you have. The portions are massive so If your not a big eater two people could easily share a box.


Now I know I said this time would be different, I did spend a lot of time In one of the many Ale Houses In the City. One In particular was Stones Cafe on Warmoesstraat 91.

They loved us here, probably because we spent enough money In the place that the owner has just knocked a year of his retirement age. But they did make us feel welcome (which surprisingly Is not the case In all pubs and clubs In the Stag weekend capital of Europe.) The barmaids found It extremely funny when we made the two Stags dress up In Mankinis for the day, they took enough pictures! Look out for the two planks dressed like a cross between Borat and the 118 Brothers playing pool.

The prices are expensive but Its the same In all the Bars. If there Is a gang of you and you are a noisy bunch who like a good drink and song, I defo recommend this place.

Other bars I have to mention are, a little Moroccan Bar On Utrechtsestraat. I cant remember the name, or If it even has one (The pic on Google Earth there Is no name above the bar) but you will notice an ample amount of big Hookah Pipes around. We had a scream In this bar watching Holland play Japan In the World Cup.Pretty basic Inside but very cosy one of the quieter bars off the main strip.

And Cafe Cuba In the Nieuwmarkt Go right to the back and chill on the big leather sofas.



Ive stayed In a few hotels In Amsterdam. Some good, some bad, and some downright dangerous! Globe hostel Oudezijds Voorburgwal 3, yes I'm talking about you! Expensive, Staff just rude ( had no lights in room for 2 nights, and when I asked the stone faced rat of a receptionist about it, She replied "Do I look like an electrician?" Don't be fooled by their website. You have been warned.

One hotel I stayed In twice was the Eden Hotel up by the Amstel. It had been renovated since my last visit and Is looking very nice. The rooms are small but have everything, It has a nice restaurant and bar. Not the place you would go with a gang of lads but If you are traveling alone or with a partner this hotel Is right In the trendier part of the city and would be perfect.

Depending on which part of the city you stay, the hotels differ. If you stay In the red light district area, plenty of the places are going to be bog standard. If you are looking for a better standard of lodgings I would stay up near the Rembrandtplein, and If you want to walk down to the more seedy Red Light District Its only a 10min walk.


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