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An Airport Nightmare!

Updated on July 28, 2014

Airport Nightmare

Racing through the Denver Airport I found myself breathless. Tired and looking at the long line through security I knew I would miss my return flight home. I heard my name and at first I was unable to locate who was calling me. Turning my head to the right I found a smiling face moving quickly towards me.

"I almost thought you didn't see me! Do you see the traffic out there? We can forget it!" She said looking at the long line and glancing at her airline ticket. "Lets go have a drink by then the ticket lines will have gone down and we will see about the next flight." My coworker who had traveled before me, the one I could never remember her name. I nodded in agreement still disappointed.

We pushed our way through the crowd, dragging our bags. We entered The Chophouse and to my surprise we found a table rather quickly. My co worker turned to me asking to use my phone, her battery was dead. I said "Sure." But before turning my phone over to her I tried to call home one more time. There was no answer and dread filed me.

Never being away from home before and now three days since I had seen my child I couldn't wait for that drink and I felt urgent to retrieve my new airline ticket. I motioned to my co worker letting her know I would return in a minute and I walked towards ticketing. I didn't care about the cost or anything else, I wanted to go home!

The isles were long and seemed never ending and my heart was racing, the first time away and now this. Reaching for my phone to call one more time I remembered I had left it back at the table with my hand bag. Turning around to retrieve my phone I became lost in what seemed to be a never ending whirlwind of people.

After I arrived back to the restaurant hot and more irritable than before. I searched the bar over and the table I was at only 10 minutes before was empty. I couldn't find my "friend", my bag or my phone anywhere. Where had she gone?! I asked the waitress if she had seen where she went and she rolled her eyes and making an exaggerated motion with her arms showing the crowd of people she walked away.

I started to cry while walking towards a pay phone. Brushing into a younger man, I picked up the phone in order to dial and I couldn't remember the number. Trying to wipe away my tears, somehow drew unwanted attention from security and they insisted I should go with them. I inquired as to why they were obtaining me, he would not answer and only nodded at the additional three that came to walk with me. People stared and pointed their fingers snickering and taking steps bask as if I were some sort of danger.

The second joining officer was a female who not once broke anything that may indicate a smile, opened the door and gave me a small push into a small well lit room. I quickly glanced around and noted there wasn't much in the office other than a small desk, three chairs and a picture of a man and small boy. The officer was demanding I explain my hysterical state." I'm not hysterical nor is there any reasons for this", I announced. The officer's face became red and he again grunted for me to explain why I was roaming around the airport with no ticket, no purse, no id and no baggage.

I tried to explain I had left my belongings next to my coworker, accidentally. He did not seem to like my answer and radioed for his fellow officers t locate the "other" suspect. "Suspect for what?", I demanded! I meet his eyes with mine and he clearly burned with anger. His eyes were narrow and full of hatred towards what I wasn't sure. His status short and rubout and one hair stood on the top of head daring me to laugh. He sat down in the chair and then I saw a picture of Adolph Hitler. Fear nearly overwhelmed me when he ordered me to stand. I stood up and asked if I could leave. "No. This is a search." He said. "A search for what?", I asked.

He did not respond to me and ordered a female officer to search me over. She stuffed her cold hands into my pants pockets and pulled out a finger nail file. I was told to sit and the questioning began as to what this file was for. I thought to myself certainly this is a joke but clearly it was not. I tried not to sound foolish but what was one to say, so I responded "It is a to file my nails. I don't like to wear them long so I file them down."

His face reddened like the top of a thermometer on a hot August day in Georgia. He clutched his fist as if to strike me and I covered my face with my arms. My eyes I held shut tightly wondering why all of this madness. It was after all only a finger file. I started to cry and muttered I only wanted to go home to my little boy and my husband.

It was then I felt hands on my shoulder shaking me and then smacking me in the head. Surprised I opened my eyes to the sound of my little boy "Mommy, what kind of dreams are you having? Was it scary?" Then he gently kissed my check and climbed on the couch to snuggle me and pure joy filled the dark spot that was overwhelming me in my dream, bringing me back to reality.


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