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An Amish Auction

Updated on October 27, 2010

The Amish

Our Amish friends invited us to a Public Auction on an Amish Farm in Nappannee, IN.

Such an invitation is somewhat unusual, because usually the public is made up almost exclusively of Amish. Besides us, there were only two other non-Amish couples.

Many Amish were already present when we arrived at the farm, and many of their typical buggy's were parked out in front. In the back stood a tent, where we found home-baked bread, buns, cakes, biscuits, noodles, etc. The Amish certainly never seem to lack food ...

The Auctioneer was walking around with his microphone in hand, and we went to greet him. Upon which he promptly presented us to the public as "the Guests from Belgium ", and asked me to say a few words... Rather unexpected !

Then the sale started, the proceeds of which would benefit the local Amish school.

The Auction

The auctioneer started rattling off a litany of numbers, but so fast that it was nearly impossible to understand even one word.

Sometimes he was forced to stop for a split second to catch his breath, but after that he'd simply continue at the same speed...

An Amish auction is a pleasant affair, since most buyers know each other, and they usually turn it into a party, with lots of food and drink.

A good auctioneer will introduce a playful note in the bidding, and intersperse his sale with all sorts of details and comments.

There were three auctioneers, who frequently relieved each other, probably to avoid fatigue and hoarseness. Younger people were also given the chance to show their sales talent, and they certainly did well too.

When I asked how the youngsters learned the tricks of the trade, I was told that they usually try it out for themselves behind the barn...

My wife bid on three beautiful handmade cushions, and even though we didn't understand what the auctioneer was saying, we got them ! The only drawback was that I had absolutely no idea of how much we had bid for them...

During the break, several Amish came over for a chat. The atmosphere was quiet and relaxed, and it is obvious that Amish life seems to run significantly slower than what our "modern" life has become.

A most pleasant experience !

Read more about our visit to Indiana,


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