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An Estes Park Summer Vacation

Updated on July 26, 2010

Visiting Rocky Mountain National Park is always glorious but summer in Estes Park is the time when most people come to enjoy the splendor of nature in this high mountain wonderland where music, art, culture and heritage are as much a part of the marvels as the creations of Mother Nature.

Estes Park's magnificent warm dry summer time climate is a welcome respite for the thousands of summer visitors who come up to escape the hot, humid climates at lower altitudes.  Although the average high temperature in July is about 85 degrees F., the low humidity makes it feel nice and comfortable. Estes Park summers are marked by cool evenings when it can dip to under 50 degrees F. at night, thus sleeping is refreshing and comfortable.  Mornings are almost always sunny in the summer, and there is usually a brief afternoon shower to cool off the heat of the midday. The clouds usually dissipate in time to admire the sunset and enjoy the brilliant star dotted night sky. If you've never seen the stars this far from urban light and air pollution you are in for a memorable experience.

Summer time in Estes Park is welcomed in with a wide spectrum of events ranging from special presentations to classic car parades to rubber duck races to fine arts shows and all the way to free and open jazz concerts. The balmy season is a non stop celebration of Western heritage, magnificent classical concerts, textile arts and the party that all of Estes Park throws for Independence Day is famous around the world.

Whatever form of music you prefer, you will be able to find it in your Estes Park summer. You can attend a concert by an internationally renowned classical orchestra in a concert presentation, intimate chamber music, a country music ol' time hoedown, a brass band marching through downtown or the hottest DJs scratching tracks from the Inner Cities. Estes Park is also a center for fine art and throughout the city's nearly infinite collection of art galleries you can enjoy aesthetic artistic masterpieces in glass, weaving, jewelry, oil, acrylic, and watercolor, pottery or even the marvelous local hardwood.

The ongoing packed calendar of activities in your Estes Park Summer will thrill and entertain you. In June you can enjoy the Wool Market which is an internationally renowned annual fiber festival, catch the Arabian Horse Show, or the unforgettable Nordic culture on display at the Scandinavian Midsummer Festival. The Fourth of July is a full long weekend of parties, activities, and festivals, culminating with a bang at the Annual Celebration Fireworks. Also in July, don't miss the Coolest Car Show, Rooftop Rodeo, and the Hunter Jumper Horse Show. August brings the Auto Extravaganza, and the Estes Park Heritage Festival. The warm August nights are perfect for Thursday Night Live, featuring free live summer outdoor performances. Then wrap up your summer in early September with the Labor Day Crafts Show, the Longs Peak Scottish/Irish Highland Festival, and the Estes Park Film Festival.

The roads that are closed in other seasons are wide open now, so make sure you drive them all to capture all the magnificent views that Rocky Mountain National Park can offer. The Spur 66 motorway corridor is the best kept secret in Rocky Mountain National Park as it is the location of the very first entrance to the park when it was founded. The winding curvy road is scenic and almost deserted and you can enjoy a picnic by the side of the swift-flowing Big Thompson River.


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