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Anchorage Airport Parking Coupons

Updated on January 20, 2012

Anchorage (ANC) Airport Parking:

Anchorage offers both onsite and offsite parking options. There are several cheap and convenient onsite parking options and discounts such as short term parking, long term parking, cell phone parking lot and ride fly lot. First 30 minutes for short term parking is free and 60 minutes is $2.50. Long term parking is $84 weekly. Park and ride have daily, weekly and monthly. Other off site anchorage parking options include diamond airport parking, Anchorage park and fly and A-1 park and store. You can find many offsite parking coupons near Anchorage airport for Diamond airport parking. Use these coupons to save money for parking.

Onsite Anchorage parking options and discounts:

Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport Parking:

It is located 4 nautical miles southwest of downtown Anchorage. It offers short term parking, long term parking, cell phone parking, park and ride fly lot.

  • Short term parking - $70 per week
  • Long term parking - $65 per week.

Park Ride lot parking:

  • Daily- $7
  • Weekly -$30
  • Monthly -$75

Off site Anchorage airport parking discounts:

Diamond Airport Parking:

Diamond airport parking is just 5 minutes from the Anchorage International airport. It is open 7 days a week. They have short term and long term parking options. Free shuttle service is also available.

Some of the free services include:

  • Free Car Wash
  • Free Newspaper
  • Free Bottled Water
  • Free Baggage Assistance
  • Covered parking with plug-ins available

Parking rates for covered parking is $15 and preferred travelers club parking rate is $12. Parking rates for uncovered parking is $11 and preferred travelers club parking rate is $8.80. Special coupon offer is also available at the airport.

Anchorage Diamond Airport Parking Coupon
Anchorage Diamond Airport Parking Coupon

Anchorage Park and Fly:

Park and fly airport parking is located near the ted stevens Anchorage international airport. You can reach the parking place within 5 minutes. Free shuttle service is also available from the airport. They accept both cash and credit cards for payment.

A-1 Park & Store:

A-1 park and store is located just off Peninsula Circle, adjacent to OMalley Rd and C street. It offers variety of sizes and styles of RV boat trailer storage and also easier airport parking. They have uncovered 20 feet, 30 feet and 40 feet parking spaces. Other special features include extensive security lighting and temporary power plug ins.


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