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Ancient Pamphylian city : Side

Updated on October 3, 2016

Where was Pamphylia

The Southern Mediterenian region of Turkey was called Pamphylia in the ancient times. We have records of Hitittes about Pmphylia but the region has a long history before Hittites.

History of Side.

Side means Pomagranete and this town was one of the ancient ports of Pamphylia, in BC 333 Alexander the Great took over the city without any fight. That era was a lucky, prosperious and peacefull time for Side people. Helenistic Culture became dominant, than Ptoleym (one of the seven Somatophylakes (bodyguard) guardıng the Generals of Alexander the Great) took over the city, a little while later he declared himself the king of Eygp.

After Ptoleym's rule; the Cilician Pirates controled the city. Their main occupation was olive trade and slave trading.

Than the control passed to Rome.

Untill 5th century Side was a big, importatant city. Than slowly lost its importance, in 12th century it was nealy abondoned.


History as a part of your holiday

I adore Side as a history lover.

The ancient town ruins are magnificent.

You can sit in the ancient theather and watch the sea, sun set.

You can walk to the shore (just a 5 minitues walk) sit in one of the coffees or restaurants with a beautiful sea view.

Some historical sites are functioning as coffees also. So you can sit and have a drink in an ancient Temple ruin.

I feel as if Cleopatra in this ancient town. (Cleopatra visited this town many times and with Antonous, they liked the beaches of Side. )

Side as a Holiday Destination

The sea side is very lovely.

There are two sandy, vast beaches.

Hotels are very modern and comfortable.

You can visit manavgat water falls which is very near to Side. City busses can take you to Manavgat in 30 minitutes for 2 Euros.

Antalya is also near. You can make a day trip from Side to Antalya.

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Largest Theatre in Pamphylia

Side's theather is huge. It was the biggest in the Pamphylia. İt is in afairly good contition and a restoration is made these days. Side was a trade center in Roman era. Olive oil and slaves were sold in the Agora near the theather. The Romans, traders, visitors from other places watched many performances in this teather. It was the main cultural spot of the city.

Later this theather was used for Gladiator fights.

Side by night

From Side Museum

Tombs in the  Side historical  town.
Tombs in the Side historical town.

Side Antic City Manavgat Antala


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