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Travelling To One Of The Best Islands In South-east Asia

Updated on June 10, 2016

Port Blair

Port Blair:
Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India

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Andaman Islands


Best Island At Andaman Islands

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Things to do at Andaman Islands

  1. Wandering from one Island to the other and experiencing amazing beaches
  2. The place offers a vast range of water activities for the adventure seekers
  3. Explore the blend of unique culture i.e. different languages, religion and ethnicity
  4. Visiting the Barren Island that is home to the only active Volcano in South-East Asia
  5. Taking a stroll over the coral reefs
  6. Seeing the Jarawas, Onges, Great Andamanese, and Sentineles
  7. Visiting the Cellular Jail that once had numerous freedom fighters inside

Your Favorite Islands at Andamans

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Andaman Islands

Andaman Islands has always been a fantasy among every Indian traveler. It’s not only the people from the sub-continent but travelers from far of places such as Australia or South East Asia who travel to the beautiful islands. The island has a long history and events in the pasts have actually made it one of the mysterious islands. The island is about 960 Kilometers from the eastern coast of India and comprises of around 200 islands. The main attractions to this place have been the ancient tribes who still reside in these islands.

Reaching the islands

With increased travelers from across the planet the connectivity to this place has improved drastically. Direct flights to Port Blair from major Indian cities are available besides cruises from different parts of the country. Port Blair being the main town offers great restaurants and hotels to stay at. One of the most convenient options is to board a flight or a boat from the city of Chennai. Usually travelling through the sea would take 3 days so it’s better to plan in advance about the whole trip to the islands. Flight from the city would definitely be a great option if one looks forward to save enough time and spend more days on the islands. It all depends on the pockets of the traveler and the time they have.

Staying at Beach Nr 7

Speaking about a 1st hand experience of travelling to the islands the thing which makes a traveler remember about the beautiful islands are its white sand beaches and the Turkish blue waters. The Radhanagar beach which is also the beach number 7 provides a spectacular view to every tourist. Although Havelock is among the largely visited beaches on the islands, there is a lot to explore for every adventurous traveler.

When it comes to the staying options at the Andaman Islandsthere are plenty of inexpensive options. One may go through a range of cottages or resorts which charge anywhere from $6 to $30 per night. However, people looking for options to have beach setups and spend their time at the beaches than inside the rooms could be disappointed. There is hardly any effective beach setup which can be found all across the islands. One of the popular places where people usually like to spend the night near the beaches is the Barefoot camp. But for an average traveler a stay at this place might seem damn expensive. The charges are like $200 for a stay at these camps which can truly be off the charts.

Travelling options from one island to the other is available in plenty and is much easier than one might think it to be. The only thing which needs to be ensured is to have all the important travel documents with you while travelling across. The other factor which almost every traveler would appreciate are the locals who are very friendly and not pushy.

To travel to other islands there are boats available where the charges range from $25 to $50. An option for plane is also available but that again is an expensive proposition. Its recommended to travel through a boat to enjoy the marine beauty of this place. Permits to travel from one place to another need to be taken which are available at the harbor area at Havelock. If you are travelling to the islands for the 1st time and wish to enjoy the islands fully then boarding a taxi or a tuc tuc and travelling to the Beach Nr 7 would be an ideal thing to do. Beach Nr 7 is amazingly impressive and one might rate it as one of the most beautiful beaches on the Asian continent. The other islands definitely have their own aura and spending a week with your loved one could be a lifetime experience on this beautiful islands.

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