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Andrejev Dom - Pajk, Pohorje (Slovenia)

Updated on March 11, 2017

Unspoiled wilderness; clean, fresh mountain air over untouched snow; silence, broken only by the sounds of birds and water; a great meal and warm bed after a long day of hiking or skiing. There can be nothing better for your body and spirit than to hike up the breathtakingly beautiful Slovenian Mountain Trail (SPP) and meet no one but wild deer and hares, then end your day with cheerful live music at a comfortable mountain lodge where you are welcomed like family.

Such a dream vacation is waiting for you, located in the Pohorje massif (mountain area) of northern Slovenia.

Snowy mountain lodge Andrejev dom - Pajk

Mountain lodge Andrejev dom - Pajk, Mariborsko Pohorje
Mountain lodge Andrejev dom - Pajk, Mariborsko Pohorje

Located only 20 minutes’ drive away from the large city of Maribor, our family-owned lodge retreat is dedicated to giving you the perfect vacation-- whether you wish for rest and relaxation, exciting mountain sports, home-cooked food, preparing your own meals in a lodge kitchen, backpacking with a friend, or bringing your entire family, we can accommodate your vacation style at Andrejev dom - Pajk.

Andrejev dom - Pajk means “Andrej’s home - Spider”. Andrej was the original proud owner of this beautiful lodge and it is now run by his daughter, carrying on his tradition of great food and great hospitality. The lodge is named “Spider” in honor of the weaving machine that former owners used to create many types of clothing. With deep ties to our local area we invite you to stay with us and weave your own long-lasting memories of the mountains of Slovenia.

Located in the very heart of Pohorje, Slovenia

Andrejev dom - Pajk, entrance
Andrejev dom - Pajk, entrance
In front of Andrejev dom - Pajk
In front of Andrejev dom - Pajk


We have seven family rooms available (single, double, quadruple) so you can bring all your friends and family!

  • Centrally heated
  • Hot and cold water
  • 24-hour kitchenette available for meal preparation
  • Beautiful outdoor summer garden can accommodate up to 110 people for parties, receptions or events
  • 18 beds available
  • 2 floors
  • Each floor includes a private bathroom with separate shower and toilet
  • Large parking lot easily accommodates buses

One of many rooms available in this mountain lodge
One of many rooms available in this mountain lodge


Whether you wish to cook your own meals or enjoy the home-cooked delights at Andrejev dom Pajk, we are happy to serve you!

  • Home-cooked food and drinks will make you feel at home
  • We offer accommodations with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • Bed & Breakfast available
  • Bed & Half Board available
  • 24-hour kitchenette available if you prefer to cook your own meals

Activities and Entertainment

What would a mountain lodge be without activities? We have many activities available to give you a wonderful vacation you’ll remember forever.

  • Many hiking trails, including the large Slovenian hiking trail called the SPP
  • Skiing and snowboarding areas-- only a few minutes’ drive
  • Picnics in the beautiful unspoiled wilderness
  • Live music
  • Playground for children

Relax in the fresh air and clear mountain sunlight!

Tidy dining arrangements
Tidy dining arrangements

Did you know?

The foreign languages most studied in Slovenia are English, German, Italian, French and Spanish, and 92% of the population speaks at least one foreign language.

Slovenian cuisine is described as a mixture of Austrian, Mediterranean and Balkan cuisine, but there are more than 40 different regional cuisine styles in Slovenia!

The famous classical dressage “dancing Lipizzan” horses (Lipicanec) are native to Slovenia!

Mountain lodge Andrejev dom - Pajk

So as you can see there’s so much to see and do here at Andrejev dom - Pajk. Come visit us and enjoy and relax in the beauty of the Pohorje Mountains and the hospitality of the Slovenian people. Feel free to visit our web page where you will find more information and pictures of our home in the gorgeous land of Pohorje!

We would love for you to come visit us and take a look for yourself. Contact us via our official facebook page or just drop an email to We are already looking forward to seeing you!


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