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Another beautiful day in Paradise

Updated on May 22, 2012

Beautiful blue skies, white fluffy clouds, cool breeze from the north east trade winds and moderate sunshine with a temperature of approximately 800 F. That was yesterday and that is today here in Barbados; the place I call home, where I was born and raised and where I plan to raise my kids.

A small island of 166 sq/ miles and approximately 280,000 inhabitants, we call ourselves the gem of the Caribbean. A British Colony until 1966, we are one of the most developed Caribbean islands and rank 47/187 on the UNDP Human Development index 2011 and has a literacy rate of 98%.

The birthplace of superstar Rihanna, we are also the playground and retreat to many of the world's rich and famous who want to lay back, relax and experience a normal life without constant bombardment from the public.

Our people are friendly, hospitable and we encourage all to come and experience a slice of paradise.

Things to see in Barbados

Green Monkey
Green Monkey | Source
Harrison's Cave
Harrison's Cave | Source


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