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Antarctica Hotels - Best Accommodation For Antarctica Tours

Updated on July 13, 2011

First question: Are there hotels in Antarctica?

The initial answer to that question is no, there are no hotels in Antarctica. However, this is a big however, I only mean there no Antarctica hotels in the traditional sense; because, if you really want to find accommodation in Antarctica for one of your Antarctica adventure tours, well, it's easy to find.

Antarctica is the coldest and windiest of all continents of the world; it has been deemed by many as the final frontier yet to be fully explored on Earth; and this makes it one of the most sought out places to visit year after year by tourists and scientists.

There are many different ways you can go about on planning your visitation in Antarctica - you have to, in a sense, make your own Antarctica hotels - each one coming at different prices as well as different accommodation.

You have to know what you're looking for. If you want to stay in Antarctica for a long time and really experience it then you'll be looking for Antarctica housing and Antarctica homes (which only are temporarily on exist in the summer months). If you just want to go for a quick little adventure then you'll be looking for Antarctica hotels on cruise ships (fancy wording - I just mean rooms on a cruise ship) or a cabin hostel on a small science vessel.

The choices are there - you just have to choose.


Ushuaia is the closest you'll get to Antarctica without actually stepping onto Antarctica.
Ushuaia is the closest you'll get to Antarctica without actually stepping onto Antarctica.

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Hotels in Ushuaia - The Closest City to Antarctica

Many people don't know this, but the southernmost city in the world is Ushuaia, Argentina.  This may not mean much to most people, but for those of us who want to visit Antarctica and experience that kind of adventure, well, it's a big deal.  Many of the best Antarctica tours leave from Ushuaia, making accommodation and hotels in the city very important.  I consider hotels in Ushuaia the same as Antarctica hotels (you need them to begin the jounrey!)

So what are the best hotels, hostels, and such in Ushuaia?

One of my favorite hotels in Ushuaia is called the Mil810 hotel, one of the cheapest Antarctica hotels.  Just a block away from the main shopping street and short walk down to the ferry terminal (perfect for those early Antarctica journeys), and you have the perfect location.   The rooms are nice - small - but very comfortable with views of the harbor.  Continental breakfast is included. 

For those of you looking for Antarctica motels to start your tour, this is one of the best. 

Cabins of the Ms Nordnorge
Cabins of the Ms Nordnorge
When you're travelling to Antarctica, don't be alarmed if you have to share some of the space with the local penguins!
When you're travelling to Antarctica, don't be alarmed if you have to share some of the space with the local penguins!

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Antarcita Cabins - Staying on a Cabin on an Antarctica Tour Ship

One of the best kinds of Antarctica hotels, and one of the best ways to truly experience the continent, is by a small vessel or ship that houses a few tourists cabins. This is a much cheaper experience than a big Antarctica cruise ship, and is much more intimate; plus, by being on a smaller ship you'll be able to explore regions of Antarctica that you normally couldn't.

But what about the cabins? Are they accommodating? What are the best Antarctica cabins to stay in?

  • Ms Nordnorge Cabins:   One ship called the Ms Nordnorge is one of the smaller ships that tour in Antarctica in the summer.  But remember: smaller can sometimes be better.  The cabins are compact and well-furnished, with decent showers and bathroom.  These cabins can fit two people, but are much more comfortable with just one.  Free coffee and sandwiches are available at all times, making this one of the better ways to stay and visit Antarctica. 
  • Antarctica Dream:  Close to the size of a Antarctica cruise ship the Antarctica Dream is one of the best hotel-type ships you'll find for it's size.  it has an informal atmosphere that allows passengers and crew-members to interact and enjoy time together.   Rooms are small, but comfortable. 
  • MS Explorer:  100 passenger ship = one of the smallest Antarctica tours you'll find, as well as one of the most affordable.   Every cabin has a porthole; the majority of rooms on this are twin cabins making it an excellent choice for couple tours to Antarctica.   Great for whale-watching. 
  • Polar Pioneer:  This is one my favorite ships.  It has some of the most roomy accommodation of Antarctica travel, making it very popular.  It's an icebreaker ship, so you go places other ships can't!

More Cruise Ship Accommodation

  • NG Explorer
  • Prince Albert II
  • Sea Spirit
  • Orion
  • Kklebnikov (Ice-breaker)

Cabins of the Clelia II
Cabins of the Clelia II
the luxurious Le Boreal.
the luxurious Le Boreal.

Antarctica Cruise Accommodation

I like to consider Antarctica cruise ships as luxury ships; remember an Antarctica cruise ship isn't nearly as big or luxurious as, say, the Disney Dream ship - but that's the point. You're going on an Adventure to a unique part of the world, not to some island to catch sun-rays.

Luxury Antartcia cruise ships have some of the best accomdation out of any tours to Antarctica; they are also the biggest, having over 150 capacity for passengers .

But what's the best? What cruise ship has the best cabins, the best hostel and hotel atmosphere?

I'll give you two:

Clelia 2:

  • Private, yacht-like atmosphere.
  • TV and DVD Player
  • Mini-refrigerator
  • 24 hour room service
  • Open Bar
  • Library
  • Beauty Salon and Gym
  • Hospital
  • Jacuzzi

If there's one cruise ship that acts like a four-star Antartica hotel, then the Clelia II is it.

Le Boreal:

  • Newest Antarctica cruise ship. Also the biggest (200 capacity).
  • State of the art marine technology .
  • More spacious cabins
  • Many suites to choose from.
  • Many public areas of big windows. Including library, beauty salon, casino, library, movie theater - everything you could ask for.
  • Great food.



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    • profile image

      Olusegun 3 years ago

      A 4 day cabin rental ratreet in Upstate NY, Aug 28-31I adore Wellness:te! It's a beautiful and cozy place. Karen and Chris are great hosts. They have two wonderful kids who are very helpful. you will fall in love with little Sophie; she is amazing. The dogs are great too. My stay here brought me back to nature. I did not miss television or the radio at all. My seventeen year old daugher who was reluctant at first, also fell in love with Wellnesste. My most memorable moment was when Sophie took us down to the hole to swim and fish. What a great time we had!Thanks, Carol & Esmeralda/ New Windsor NY

    • profile image

      Fiacre 3 years ago

      Our CNY Cabin Rental in Leopold's Cabin at Wellnesste Lodge in Taberg NY, Sept 4-6This has been an amazing short gwaeaty! The grounds are amazing, the hospitality superb and I got to bring my dogs!We all had a great time lounging in the river and relaxing. The night we arrived it rained so we setup in the 3 season room and watched the storm. We also made a trip into Camden on our 2nd day and it is an adorable little town with big, beautiful houses. On our last night here I think we spend at least 2 hours at the fire pit down by the river enjoying stars and the perfectly clear night sky.Thank you for a wonderful experience! We will be back soon. Jessica, Buffalo NY

    • profile image

      vicky 6 years ago

      i would like a 5 star hotel