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Real Antarctica Facts

Updated on August 27, 2010

 Located in the South Pole region, Antarctica is the fifth largest continent on the planet, covering 10 percent of earth's land.

Antarctica has become popular with tourists, in recent years, it was first visited in 1820. With twenty nine million cubic kilometers of ice, only 2 percent of Antarctica is not covered with ice. 

Antarctica is set in temperatures between -60 Degrees Celsius during the winter and -27.5 Degrees Celsius during the summer.

In some areas of Antarctica, it has not even rained for thousands of years.

Antarctica is 1.4 times bigger than the USA and 58 times bigger than the UK.

There is apparently large quantities of natural oil and gas with the continental shelf of Antarctica which have never been exploited.

There are no citizens of Antarctica as no-one lives there permanently.

The best scientific research center in the world is located in Antarctica.

If Antarctica's ice melted, all the oceans in the world would rise aproximately sixty five meters.


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