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Antigua, West Indies Pictures

Updated on June 29, 2010

My wife and I recently spent a week in Antigua for our honeymoon. The beaches there are outstanding and the people are extremely friendly. If you are looking for a nice Caribbean getaway, Antigua just might be your spot.

We stayed at the Sandals Resort there and some of these beach pictures come from there. Most of them are from the cab ride we took to see more of the island. The last few pictures are from Dickson Bay, which is a port where really nice boats, ships, and yachts sail into the island.

We took several pictures from our trip and I thought I would share some on Hubpages.  This is only a small selection of all the pictures we took, and I hope to add more when I get a little more time.  I didn't realize getting married would consume so much of my time (just kidding dear).

Dickenson Bay


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    • olusammy profile image

      olusammy 7 years ago from Essex , England

      loved the pictures I haven`t being back to Antigua in a long while glad you had fun in Antigua on your honeymoon.