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Antlers, OK: Deer Capital of the World

Updated on July 23, 2011

The town of Antlers,Oklahoma advertises itself to be the Deer Capital of the World. I am just guessing here, but probably the only way they got the title is if no other town, city, or area in the world had that name. Don’t they have to double check with every other country in the world just to make sure the name wasn’t already assigned?

Now, I’m not complaining. I’ve lived in Antlers for several years (since before it gave itself the new title) and I do know for a fact that there are lots of deer in this part of the world. I understand from friends whose husbands and boyfriends go deer hunting that deer are plentiful. I hear that deer hunters come out of the woodwork every November to track down and take back the biggest set of deer antlers that they can shoot with musket, bow and arrow or rifle. Visit any small town’s convenience store and you will find a wall of honor with Polaroids of the proudest deer hunters and their dead victims, er…excellent trophies from the past 10 years.

But you would think that a Deer Capital would have random bucks walking down Main Street, at least one or two. No, it isn’t enough to have a doe or two with their babies at the local deer park. If that were enough, a lot of towns could claim the title. A Deer Capital on the other hand, should really mean something. It should be impressive. Hey, I know we’ve been working on our reputation for tourism and the Deer Festival every October now draws thousands for that one weekend, but a Capital of the World of ANYTHING should be really amazing, almost Wonder-of-the-World amazing.

Antlers is a great place to live, don’t misunderstand me. Or as we say in Oklahoma: don’t get me wrong. It’s one of those small towns that everyone loves to talk about on television: everyone knows everyone else, or is related to them somehow. Doesn’t usually take too much digging, either. In fact, I went through high school with my best friend Nona. She married and moved away and had kids. I married and moved away and had kids. We lost touch over the years. About 5 years ago my aunt who lives in California self published a family genealogy, and I discovered that my best friend is actually my cousin 6 times removed or something like that. (Still have no idea why she was removed 6 times from anywhere—she was always such a nice girl).

Anyway… back to Antlers… my hometown. It’s a nice quiet place to raise a family. It’s smack dab in the middle between Dallas and Oklahoma City on the map. Lots of places to go fishing and swimming. Kids still play endless games of baseball in the summer at the local park. Teenagers still drive the mile and a half through town over and over on Friday nights before stopping at the local Sonic for a coke. My neighbors have chickens and one really annoying rooster who crows at any time of the day or night. But I haven’t seen a deer wandering through town—ever. Come visit!


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