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Apartments in Lagos Nigeria

Updated on March 3, 2010

Apartments in Lagos Nigeria

Wherever you are in any part of the world, if you ever choose to live in Lagos Nigeria even for a short time or permanently you will need this information about apartments in Lagos Nigeria.

Types of Apartments in Lagos Nigeria

1.      Face-me-I-face-you

These are apartments for the masses. The poorest and lowest earners in Lagos Nigeria find apartments like this very convenient in terms of pricing and as is expected such apartments are usually congested with many of the tenants squatting friends, relations and others. The characteristic feature of this class of apartments is the fact that they are let out on a room by room basis. To live in this kind of apartment means you get to share kitchen and bathrooms with other tenants but only have a room to yourself. The major disadvantage is a lack of privacy and quietness plus the risk of getting into altercations with co-tenants from time to time.

2.      Buoys quarters

These are apartments that are attached to a main house such as a duplex or a large bungalow. Buoys quarters were designed by colonial masters for servants and stewards that served expatriates in pre 1960 era of Nigeria, however these days people with duplexes also build them for various reasons such as renting out to tenants.

3.      Self contained flat

Also known as mini-flats or 1 bed room flats these flats are very convenient for people starting a new career, still single or with incomes above minimum wage. It offers what they face me I face you lacks in terms of privacy but that is only relative depending of course on location. But these flats are more convenient and affordable as well. All self contained flats have their separate kitchens, toilets and bathrooms.

4.      2 to 5 bedroom flats

For married people with above average income or singles who want extra space, these flats will serve well. They are far more convenient than self contained usually having extra kitchen, bathroom, toilet and one or two verandas plus packing space for one or two cars.

5.      Bungalow

Bungalows are apartments that offer almost complete privacy. People who live in such apartments are usually folks with high incomes especially the upper middle class. A bungalow could have between 3 to 5 rooms and a buoys quarter (optional) with ample car parking space and garden. It is ideal for larger families.

6.      Duplex

These apartments are buy far the top (or should I say next to the top) of the food chain. They are specifically meant for higher income earners especially executives and skilled professionals. They could have between 4 to 10 rooms and always have more than one toilet and bathrooms with a kitchen and buoys quarter. Most duplexes are located in middle class neighbourhoods such as Illupeju, GRA Ikeja, Ogudu GRA, Omole estate, Lekki, Ikoyi, Ajah, Victoria Island and other parts of the Island. Of course they are far more expensive than all the other listed apartments.

7.      Luxury apartments

These are apartments built with a touch of class to it. They are meant for the rich. You will find them in the ‘big man’s’ neighbourhood and are extremely exclusive offering services that are similar to what obtains in 5 star hotels. Most luxury apartments can be found in Ikoyi and Victoria Island with some of them being found in Lekki and Ajah.


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    • profile image

      chido 7 years ago

      Thank you for the write up, what are their price like? the Buoys quarters and Self contained flat

    • chinweike profile image

      Chinweike 7 years ago from Glasgow, UK

      face-me-i-face is not a good place for anyone to live in poor or rich. Thanks for sharing