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Apple Picking Fun

Updated on September 23, 2010

Recently we had visited Pittsburgh (don’t say where the hell is Pittsburgh). While we were there, one of my friends suggested that we should go for apple picking (picking apples from the trees in an apple orchard). I have never been to apple picking farm, so I was very excited about it and decided to go. Like an added bonus the weather was wonderful on that day. It was cloudy and comfortable (no sweating even though we were out picking apples). 

We drove for 40 minutes from the place where we visited to the Simmons apple orchard in Washington County, Pennsylvania. First we went to the farm market where they had fresh produce and inquired about apple picking place. They told us how to reach the apple orchard. 

The road we had to take was a narrow curvy road through the farm land. After driving for half a mile, we could see the apple trees with full of golden and red apples. We were a group of five including my four year old and we were all equally excited to find the apple trees. We parked the car and went to the trailer parked at the entrance to the apple orchard. We were told that we need to buy a bag for every two persons. Smaller bag is nine dollars (fits 15-20 apples) and bigger bag is 15 dollars (fits 30-35 apples). We bought the bags and went towards the apple trees. All apple trees are filled with full of apples and they were hanging low.

Apple picking is fun
Apple picking is fun

Apple Picking Fun

The apples trees were about 10 feet tall and many apples were within the reach, so there was no need to climb the trees. The trees were so close to each other even though they have plenty of empty space among the tree rows. 

When we picked an apple from the tree, three or four other apples were falling down. We observed many apples on the ground under the trees. Don't know whether somebody collects them at the end of the day or not. 

We absolutely enjoyed picking apples and eat whatever apple we feel like eating. They we were really tasty too as they are fresh out of the tree (like the ones we get in the store, no wax is added for shining). While we were there many people came to pick the apples and some of them have small children. I saw a kid climbing the ladder to reach the apples, so they must have brought the ladder along with them. 

The apple orchard itself is located on a small hilly place. On both side of this orchard, there are beautiful sceneries. We saw somebody fishing on the pond below the orchard. We were glad that we went to pick apples. It is a memorable experience and we would like to do it again when we get the opportunity. 


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