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Archeological Sites; Pyramid in Tepozteco

Updated on August 1, 2012

El Tepozteco


Archeological Site "El Tepozteco"

The archeological site “El Tepozteco” is situated in the foothills of the city of Tepoztlan, Morelos; the temple was built in honor of the Aztec god TepoztecatI; god of the alcoholic beverage – pulque. The temple which resembles the top part of a pyramid is built on top of one of the peaks of the Sierra de Tepoztlan, overlooking the valley of Tepoztlan.

The pyramid is at approximately 2150 meters (7054 ft.) above sea level and at an altitude 400 meters (1,300 ft.) higher than the city of Tepoztlan; It takes approximately an hour to reach the top of the pyramid on foot; the path that leads the top of the pyramid is paved with river and quarry stones.

Tepoztlan Valley

panoramic view
panoramic view

Panoramic View of Tepoztlan´s Valley

Being at this place encourages anybody visiting it to engage in spontaneous meditation. The panoramic sight - from above - encompasses the city of Tepoztlan; a Mexican town located in the northwest of the Tepoztlan valley; south in the periphery, like a thread on the grass transited by small insects, is the federal road going to Cuernavaca (capital of the state of Morelos); next erecting like a volcano in the middle of nowhere, is a huge rocky mountain blocking whatever is ahead; turning your head to the right and barely raising your sight, the urban sprawl– Cuernavaca – is easily noticed given that the weather conditions (clear and sunny) allow you to pose your sight 25 kilometers ahead; further ahead the earth´s horizon and the blue sky.

The Stone and Quarry Paved Road Leading To The Temple

river and quarry stone paved road
river and quarry stone paved road

Drops of Water Forming Streams Downhill

For moments, complete quietness can be sensed all around, and the sound of water forming streams can be heard not too far from uphill; cascades of water caressing the mountain rocks, polishing them like a jeweler polishes precious stones. This type of mood can move the inner feelings of any person. From time to time the high voice of someone moved by the excitement of the moment, utters a commentary, interrupting other people´s inner soul connection.

From the Base to the Top

There are four hundred meters (1312 ft.) from what forms the base of El Tepozteco, at Tepoztlan city level, to the top of the pyramid on the mountain peak. walking from the base to the top takes from between forty five minutes to an hour, depending on how a person choses to walk; however, at a steady pace, the walk could last no more than forty five minutes; the steps you have to ascend up to the temple are approximately 3,000 or more steps.

Observing the valley from above, your sight embraces 75° of stereo panoramic view with approximately 50 kilometers of extended valley, except for the prominence of a mountain peak which flanks the city of Tepoztlan to the south; the remaining 270° of panoramic view is a mountainous cordillera which erects in the north part of the pyramid.


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