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The Top 7 Places You Might Want To Take Your Kids To See And Do!If You're Visiting Chicago Or Any Surrounding Areas.

Updated on December 9, 2014
Enjoy what the city has to offer
Enjoy what the city has to offer | Source

Downtown Chicago Offers Amazing Indoor Adventures!

Navy Pier offers special events all year-round, but during the summer is the best time to visit. You will have a much broader selections of things to see and do.

  • Children's Museum is a wonderful spot to take younger kids. Lots of fun stuff to do that they will surely enjoy!
  • Ferris Wheel is one of the cool ways to see the cities skyline.
  • I-Max Theatre mostly all the movies are in 3D.
  • FunHouse has an interesting maze and funny-looking mirrors that all kids will enjoy.
  • Shakespeare Theatre is composed with the great work of the most famous none other than Mr.William Shakespeare.
  • Build-A-Bear-Workshop helps kids of all ages build their own teddy bear.
  • Kiddie Trains will carry little ones around the pier giving them a tour of the famous grounds.
  • The Light Tower Drop-Bounce ride will shoot the kids up in the air about 15 feet before bouncing them back down. Really cool and lots of fun!!

Most of the other events are seasonal, like miniature golf, wave swinger & remote control boats, musical carousel, bike and segway tours, and pepsi skyline stage offers mini concerts. Make sure you look for the Indoor Carnivals rides. They are displayed during the ending of June and in the middle of December. Navy Pier is open for business all year round even on the holidays. Below I have listed the schedule, times and months. It's free to walk into the pier but everything else comes at a price. This is their location 600 E. Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60611.

Summer months are (May-Aug)Sun-Thr:10am.-10pm. & Fri-Sat:10am.-12am.

Spring months are (Apr-May) Sun-Thr:10am-8pm. & Fri-Sat:10am.-10pm.

Fall months are (Sep-Oct) Sun-Thr:10am.-8pm. & Fri-Sat:10am.-10pm.

Winter months are (Nov-Dec) Sun-thr:10am.-8pm. & Fri-Sat:10am.-7pm.

Adler Planetarium is a great start to explore the planets and outer space. The Museum offers an insight on the modern-day space adventure and what the future space cadets mission will look like if they decide to take that journey into a different world. Its divided into three separate play areas:

  • Exploring Planet X which has awesome planet research station.
  • Exploring Earth includes an extremely unique stargazing effect.
  • Explore Space will automately take you on a mission as if you were actually on a rocketship controlling the space station buttons.

The Planet Explorer includes a two-story rocket ship which will let their young minds pretend they're actually flying away into a galaxy faraway from here. The age group which will love this type of play can range from 3-8 years old.It's free with general admission(search the web for good deals.They're closed for Thanksgiving & Christmas their schedule of operations is down below. Here's their location 1300 South Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60605 (312-922-7827).

Mon-Fri:9:30am.-4:00pm. & Sat-Sun:9:30am.-4:30pm.

Summertime (Jun1st-Sept 3rd) 9:30am.-6:00pm.

The Field Museum will take you back into the ancient days and the Museum has endless adventures to discover. You can see history in a life-sized form and be surprise what type of things you can see and do inside.

  • You might come face-to-face with Sue The World's Largest T.Rex and dig up some dino bones. If you get a chance to count Sue's teeth and see if she really has 58 teeth or more.
  • Some people are amaze by the precious gems that are encased in treasure boxes.
  • Walk through Ancient America and find unique art-facts.
  • The Underground Adventure might take you places you never knew existed before.
  • Experience the Egyptian Tomb and find out if all the mummies are really looking straight at you.
  • Ernst & Young 3D theater can bring to life some interesting stuff that you don't want to miss.

The Museum is closed on Christmas Day. The schedule is placed below and also their location 1400 South Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60605 (312-922-9410). Mon-Sun:9am.-5pm. Prices vary so search the web for good deals.

This picture was taken outside of Museum Campus
This picture was taken outside of Museum Campus | Source
A marker601 N. Martingale Road Schaumburg, IL 60173 -
601 North Martingale Road, The Streets of Woodfield, Schaumburg, IL 60173, USA
get directions

Legoland Discovery Center

Two Of Schaumburg's Indoor Fun!

Legoland is a place were kids can build a new world or an object of the future. This noticeable attraction is made for any kid who loves to use their hands and as well their imagination to create something new. The space is huge and will excite the kid in you also.

  • Lego Rides will take the kids on a magical quest.
  • Lego Factory Tour show the kids how the legos are made and what designs are new.
  • Merlin's Apprentice Ride teaches the group how to become Merlin's top apprentice.
  • Lego Star Wars Miniland has all the feature of outer space.
  • Kingdom Quest Laser Ride the kids can pretend to battle against the Evil Skeletons and Giant Trolls as they try to save the Princess.
  • Lego Racers will help them build and test their skills.
  • Lego Studios 4D Cinema will put them on the edge of their seat.
  • Lego Jungle Expedition gives them a pathway to what the jungle-life can look-like with all the ropes dangling from trees.
  • Duplo Farm grassy rugs and white picketed fences surrounding the play area make the room come alive. The tables and chairs help the kids build their legos even faster.
  • Lego Master Builder Academy is a fabulous workshop for kids to show their craftsmanship.
  • Play Zone where kids could run around and be a kid.

Useful Information that all parents should know if you go to "Legoland". You must be with your child on each center and also please make sure your kid's leave their socks on before entering the play zone those will be the only requirements. Other then that have fun!!!

The hours:Mon-Fri:12pm.-7pm. & Sat-Sun:10am.-7pm. and the last admission will be 2hours before closing. You might want to check their website for seasonal and holiday hours because they do change.This is their location 601 N. Martingale Rd, Schaumburg, IL 60173 (847-592-9700).

Medieval Times is a very popular live show which features dinner and a tournament. Will the Knights dethrone the King? Come and find out. This wonderful event it's well-known in these other cities like Florida, Texas, California, Atlanta, Washington D.C.,South Carolina, New Jersey, and Canada. What happens inside the castle's battle zone?

  • They serve a four-course feast for you and your family or friends.
  • The performance includes Spanish horses and Knights.
  • When the joust fight begins the noble guests starts to cheer them on, until someone become champion.
  • The Feast includes Garlic Bread, Tomato Bisque Soup, Oven-Roasted Chicken, Herb-Basted Potato, Spare Rib, Pastry of the Castle, and your select beverages plus those that are vegetarian can order their meal upon request. They also have a full-service bar available .

The admission includes dinner, beverages, and a live-show. If you want to make reservations here is the phone number and website. 1(888) 935-6878 and their located on 2001 N. Roselle Rd, Schaumburg, IL 60195.

Medieval Times
Medieval Times | Source
A picture of the inside of Medieval Times before the performance starts
A picture of the inside of Medieval Times before the performance starts | Source
A huge poster of the indoor fly world
A huge poster of the indoor fly world | Source

What New Experiences Are You Willing To Try With Your Kids & Family While Being On Vacation?

See results

Rosemont Newcomers!

If think you can actually fly, now is your chance to try it. iFly is offering an indoor skydiving experience that is suited for all ages starting from 3-103 years old.

  • A vertical wind tunnel helps you experience a free-fall like you were diving from an airplane.
  • You don't have to have any prior skydiving experience to try this dive.
  • They provided you with all the equipment and a certified instructor will assist you in this 120 mph adventure.
  • This is Highly recommended for all you thrill seekers out there.

If you're a first time flyer then you can use this promo code:"rackcard" but remember that it's not valid with any other offers or discounts. You have to make reservations which are definitely recommended. Here's their location 5520 Park Place, Rosemont, IL 60018 (799-368-4359). The hours are Mon-Thr: 10am.-10pm. & Fri: 10am.-11pm. & Sat: 9am.-11pm. and Sun:9am.-10pm.Prices vary so please call and check.

Watch This Video!

Warrenville Top Indoor Rock Climbing!

Vertical Endeavors is a beautiful indoor rock climbing facility that has a lot to offer for newbies and pros alike. The design is made with overhang, 21 auto belays, cracks, more than 30 top-rope climbs, pockets, and the routes are available for each level of skill. The starting ages begins from 6-100.

  • Daily Entry- Weekday $15 & Weekend $17.
  • Rentals packages $12 includes shoes, harness, belay tool & chalk bag.
  • You can rent each item separate at a $5 charge- Climbing shoes, Harness, Belay tool, Chalk bag, and the only thing that is free is the helmet.
  • An instructor is at hand to show you and help through the process.

The location: 28141 Diehl Rd, Warrenville,IL 60555- inside the Lifetime Fitness center their open Mon-Sat:10am.-10pm.

Sun:10am.-6pm. Three days out of the years there closed Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Independence Day. ( 630-836-0122).

Inside Vertical Endeavors
Inside Vertical Endeavors | Source

Public Transportation Or Driving Can Help You Get Where You Want To Go!

Our EL trains and the CTA or Pace Bus will help you get where you want to go. The new venture card can be tricky but its good for these two public transportations EL and CTA. The Pace Bus is considered a suburban bus and the Metro train goes to the suburbs as well.

  1. Navy Piers CTA bus Routes have numbers and these are the streets where you would be able to spot them. #29 at State St., #65 at Grand Ave., #66 at Chicago Ave., and #124 at Navy Pier.
  2. Adler Planetarium CTA bus is #146 at Michigan Express/Inner Drive bus.
  3. The Field Museum CTA bus is # 146 at Michigan Express/ Inner Drive bus.
  4. Legoland Discovery Center take the EL train which is the Blue line to Rosemont Station and then transfer to the number 606 Pace bus and exit at the Northwest Transportation Center.
  5. Medieval Times you can drive or take the Metro train.
  6. iFly take the EL train Blue line to Rosemont Station and then take the Pace bus.
  7. Vertical Endeavors you can drive or take the Metro train.

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      Daisy Rivera 3 years ago from Chicago, IL

      Thank you, Deborh Dian for your wonderful comment. Actually, the city has more to offer then what we think. I hope you come to visit someday.

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      These are wonderful suggestions for visiting Chicago! :)