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Are You Using Trip Advisor Reviews to Select Hotels? If Not, Why not?

Updated on May 20, 2010

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Hotel Reviews Written by Real People who Stayed There!

Website:  Trip Advisor

Motto:  “Find Hotels Travelers Trust”

I’ll be the first to admit that I use Trip Advisor all the time to find hotels and local eateries when I travel, but I have never actually booked a room through the site. I do however use the “Check Rates and Availability” feature to quickly get a feel for a good rate.  There are other services that provide the same quick check features like Orbitz and but why bother?  With Trip Advisor you can just click them off and check them all at once.  I find the information that is provided about properties from real people is much more valuable than those provided from some professional writer.

People reviewing hotels cut right to the chase!  You get two types of reviews:  Those from people who are very happy so they want to express their appreciation and those that are not so happy who want to point out all the things they didn’t like. It’s this candor and honesty that shows through in a way that a professional writer can not express.

I also appreciate how Trip Advisors Navigation takes you right to the properties you are most interested in.  It’s pretty simple you just look down the left navigation column move the slider to the rating you want, select your price range and the part of town.  There are a lot of additional feature I honestly don’t use but could be helpful for some people.  Hotel Class means little to me… it’s more of an industry pat on the back than anything.  But for some travelers who want to cut out the riff raff I suppose this is a good feature.  I also don’t care so much about brand when I travel… I’m not loyal to anyone hotel chain because I don’t rack up enough stays in a year to accrue any kind of benefits. The Hampton Inn in one town may be great, and horrible in another.  Also in a lot of the smaller towns there are not enough restaurant reviews to make a difference.

When using Trip Advisor pay close attention to the Date Sort feature.  Hotels are constantly being remodeled or upgraded and or falling apart.  What is a good place this year could be horrible next year.  So start by making sure that the Dates you select to read reviews are in order of NEW to OLD.

If you haven’t tried Trip Advisor to see “What the Hotel is really like”… in the eyes of real world travelers who have been there recently then you are likely overlooking a valuable piece of information in your Hotel Selection process.

And the great thing is Trip Advisor seems to include just about every hotel in the city including many smaller bed and breakfasts.  I really see no downside to including them in your rate search and in selecting the best property for your desired dates of Travel.

TripAdvisor Website

Home Page of TripAdvisor Hotel/Travel Reviews
Home Page of TripAdvisor Hotel/Travel Reviews


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