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Are we Pharaohs egypte

Updated on July 12, 2016

"Are we Pharaohs.".

More myths that live in Egypt. Although we are convinced people of Pharaonic. And that our team is mnkheb Pharaohs. We built the pyramids, but the reality and the truth we had nothing to do with the Pharaohs in anything.
I like to ask Captain Eli sure close relationship with Pharaohs we Pharaohs who governed us lrasna: OK any Emirate? No human being will be alone with himself in a moment of meditation for five minutes find out we get performs about Pharaohs in form and substance. We originally our relationship with the Pharaohs is we bentvshkhr them on special occasions and holidays. Weaaishin on tourism, most of the Pharaonic temples visit saree. And by what one tightens the same rigid and say we are Eli built the pyramid. Tell how we built medicine? Of course, no answer.
The truth is we don't know the people of the land of ancient civilization. And our curriculum does not include education about the Pharaohs only nuggets subhuman reality of what this civilization. But unworthy people wants to know his history. Children in Ireland or Canada or Japan knows about the Pharaonic civilization than the Egyptian child.
The Pharaohs were a great nation reached a sophisticated degree of progress in various fields: geography. FLAC. Ophthalmology. Tnkologia.. Politely. Art. Etc, this civilization has the idea of glorifying the ruler God. Perhaps this idea is the only thing that we inherited from them. We even today we deify the Governor. So if we can't. The solution is ((consider it your father, brother)).
The Pharaohs were keen to justice. We live in a swamp of injustice. The Pharaohs were peaceful. We are aggressive among us. The Pharaohs were fond of science and learning. We enjoy our ignorance. But we don't read basically. The Pharaohs were respectful of women. We flirt and we consider them of help to carry our children. Pharaohs rulers were driving their idea and goal of rounding up the people around him. We our perception about the tyranny of tyranny and despotism, it hit people balkerbeg and this is our great Governor model. If this were our ancestors. How-come on-this ignorant people can play or his list.
If our ancestors of the Pharaohs sent again. Ltbrawa us


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