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Are you looking for All Inclusive Holidays to Cape Verde?

Updated on October 25, 2012

If you have ever seen pictures of the truly unique Cape Verde islands you would have surely wondered "that's paradise". I did the same, about four years ago, only to find that the tourist industry was not developed enough, at least for the average British tourist. What a difference a few years makes. You would not expect with the tourist industry of Cape Verde so young you would be able to find all inclusive holdays to Cape Verde. Within the space of a year all inclusive holidays Cape Verde are indeed available. Sure, there is not as much choice as other top destinations, but why would you care when you have the nearest thing to a desert island as you can get?

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The Cape Verde islands are a group of 10 small islands situated just off the coast of Senegal and lie half way between Protugal and Brazil; with only a 51/2 hour flight. You get the climate of the Caribbean without the jet lag and with both air and sea temperatures three degrees warmer than the Canaries you would be hard pushed to find an all year round holiday destination that's within an easey reach of the UK.

If you are looking for all inclusive holidays to Cape Verde the most developed island both in terms of infrastructure and tourism is the island of Sal. This is situated in the northern group of islands and already has an impressive array of resorts to choose from. It is quite literally a desert island, and with direct flights from Gatwick and Manchester it is one of the most accessible islands. Taking all inclusive holidays to Cape Verde will offer a great family holiday without breaking the bank.

Beach at Clubhotel Rui Funana
Beach at Clubhotel Rui Funana
Club Riu Funana Pool
Club Riu Funana Pool
Pool Spa at Clubhotel Riu Garopa
Pool Spa at Clubhotel Riu Garopa


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