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Argentina Tourist Guide

Updated on January 4, 2016

Buenos Aires Safety and convenience Guide

Tourist Tips and Tricks to making your Buenos Aires stay as memorable and safe as possible. Enjoy your time in Buenos Aires. Be safe, and follow these rules. On the other hand part of being a tourist, and part of the fun of being a tourist, is to be and act like a tourist, so you could ignore these rules, but do so at your own risk.

Rule number one: Don't look like a tourist

  • Dress like a local, look at pictures of Buenos Aires on the internet, and pay attention to the types of pants, shoes, and coats. This season dark colors are in. Bright flashy clothes will make you stand out and scream rich tourist. You can't change the way you look, if you are a blond rubio you will be a blond rubio, but you can minimize your foreigner look with local looking clothes and style. You might want to consider getting a tan before coming...

Rule number two: Walk quickly and with a purpose

  • Don't stop to look at the local trash cans, or the weird bum playing the harmonica.
  • Try to memorize the subway lines and destinations, instead of memorizing you could also jot down on a piece of paper subway stops; colectivos (buses) you need to take or street names to help you get where you want to go (the idea is a piece of paper looks better than pulling out a map, the dead giveaway you are a tourist.)

Rule number three: Leave the map and tour book in the hotel

  • Try to memorize directions and always have a plan and a backup plan. If you do get lost, policemen can be a great help pointing you in the right direction. As crime has increased there seems to be more policeman standing on street corners and are easily spotted with their bright orange vest.

Typical Buenos Aires Street
Typical Buenos Aires Street | Source
Floral mecanico
Floral mecanico | Source

Safety and convenience guide Part Two

Rule number four: Know your surroundings

  • Check what is behind you, be attentive to weird looking people, spot problems before they spot you and avoid those problems, whether they be in front of you or behind you. As a pedestrian you rarely have the right away, so pay attention when crossing streets even when you have the white OK to cross.
  • Watch your step... Uneven concrete and weird sidewalk patterns are common. Broken pavement and bumpy concrete can leave you with a broken ankle or nasty fall.
  • Dog poop, dirt, gum and trash is everywhere, and will end up on the bottom of your shoes if you aren't careful

Rule number five: Speak Spanish

  • If you don't speak Spanish, speak English softly... Nothing is more annoying and agitating to the locals than tourist speaking in a language they don't understand. When they don't understand they assume the worst about you. Don't be that loud American on the subway...

Rule number six: Always be aware of your possession

  • Wear your backpack on your chest as opposed to your back, even locals do this to avoid pick pockets
  • Never take your wallet out in public and keep it in your front pocket
  • Be aware of pickpocket tricks
  • squirt trick--- squirt something on your clothes and while they clean they pickpocket
  • dropped wallet trick---- he you dropped your wallet, when you check your wallet in your pocket they grab it from you
  • don't use cellphone or ipad or any electronics in public, and don't walk around with headphones

Rule number seven: Buy a Sube card

  • Most kioscos (small street stores) will sell you your own personal Subte card. This is your new key to getting around the city. Make sure you "charge" or recagarlo by taking it to a kiosco to have money loaded on to the card. When you get on a bus (colectivos) tell the driver your street destination and press your Subte card against the electronic reader and go and sit down. Use Subte card in the subway as well.
  • Find a place to buy a sube card as well as places to put money (cargar) the card most kioscos and Subte train stations will put money on your card. Look for Recargar Sube signs
  • Give your seat up to the elderly, women, and anyone who looks like they can't stand, people are actually pretty considerate with this and will get mad at those who don't give up their seat.

Buenos Aires Map

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Buenos Aires Sunset

Beautiful Buenos Aires Sunset
Beautiful Buenos Aires Sunset | Source

The most useful web pages for visiting, or living in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Visiting and living in a foreign city, specifically Buenos Aires, Argentina has become a lot easier with the drastic increase in technology. The internet has become a shinning beacon in the hands of tourist. No longer do you need several heavy tour guide books, maps, or useless brochures. Here are the most useful webpages for visiting Buenos Aires. These pages will help you have a stress free, safe, and enjoyable stay.

Como Llegar?

como llegar is Spanish for how to get there. Use this webpage, you need it. Easy to enter where you are and where you want to go. Will suggest quickest way to get some where, either walking, public bus (colectivo), subway (subte) or car. Shows you where to take the bus, or subway. Can't live in Buenos Aires without this webpage

Hay Subte?

Strikes, protest, and technical issues are all too common in Buenos Aires. Before you take the subway make sure they are actually running and working


Accurate weather from local station, still not as accurate as local stations in the USA but they are getting better

Buenos Aires Safety Help

Need Money?

Don't use ATMs or banks, use zoom. Which has a good exchange rate and low transfer fees, get the most out of your money. Easy pickup at this address,

Libertad 1057 Entre marcelo Tde Alvear y Av. Santa Fe. L. a V. 9-18hs. Tel. 48115532

Buenos Aires Expat Forum

Need help with renting an apartment, renewing your visa, or advice on where to stay, check out this expat community forum where they discuss a broad range of topics covering everything about living in Buenos Aires

Argentina Wonderer

All things Buenos Aires with several useful guides, like how to ride the Subte


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