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Around Belarus for 7 days …

Updated on December 22, 2017

Many Belarusians do not know that there are many amazing and beautiful sights in their country. We decided to correct this situation and went on a trip of 3,300 kilometers around Belarus by car. We visited the following cities: Gomel, Mogilev, Vitebsk, Polotsk, Braslav, Grodno, Brest, Mozyr & Gomel.

Day-1 - Walks on Mogilev and a wonderful end of the day to the sounds of the trumpeter.

We left Gomel early in the morning to go to dinner in Mogilev. Before the arrival, a few more stops were planned - in Chechersk and the village of Grudinovka.

In Chechersk there are several attractions that are worth visiting: the town hall, the church and the castle mountain. Because the city is small and compact, everything is within walking distance. Of all three local attractions, the church seemed to be the most unusual: it has an unusual round shape, and inside it are many old icons that you will almost never see anywhere else.

On the way from Gomel to Mogilev we stopped at the village of Grudinovka. It is worth to visit at least to see the estate of Tolstoy, which is located in a park near the picturesque lake.

Be sure to visit the Mogilev Town Hall at sunset. She will please you with a real show: from her appears the figure of the trumpeter, who performs a beautiful melody. So in Mogilev they say goodbye to the sun.

Day-2 - Baptized bison and collected healing water.

Having woken up, we, without wasting time, went to the village of Buinichi. Nearby there is a memorial complex, which is called - "The Buoyancy Field". There is even an ethnographic village with a potter and moonshiner, as well as a zoo. In this mini-zoo live bison, and you can even ride a special car very close to them.

Today our way lay in the direction of Vitebsk, from which we were separated by a distance of 250 kilometers. We knew that along the way there is a healing Polycovichi krynichka in the village of Polykovichi and could not drive past. It is believed that this water because of its chemical composition helps those who want to become pregnant.

Vitebsk is a paradise for religious tourism and for those who want to enrich themselves spiritually. Here is a large number of Orthodox churches. The Summer Amphitheater, where the main events of the famous festival "Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk", is worth seeing in Dvina.

Day-3. How we searched for waterfalls on the border with Latvia.

In Polotsk, as in Vitebsk, there are many religious attractions. This city is one of the most popular tourist sites, excursions often come here. We advise you to visit at least two places of interest: the Sophia Cathedral and the Transfiguration Church. In the first one you will find an ancient organ and, perhaps, you will hear its melodic and powerful sound, and in the second place you will find peace and tranquility. By the way, it is here that the relics of St. Euphrosyne of Polotsk and the exact copy of her cross are kept.

Then we went to look for waterfalls on the border with Latvia - and went straight into snowfall! We believe that in this village you can meet old age - so here reigns a picturesque and pacifying atmosphere.

Then we went to a village called Druja with a history full of events. It also has some interesting sights, we were even given a tour of the seventh heaven, which is located right in the local church - Troitsk. Having a bite, we went to Braslav, where the state hotel "Zaizhy Dvor" with a view of the lakes was already booked - and it's only 18 dollars! See how the panorama opens from here! Of course, the accommodation conditions in this hotel are Spartan, however the view of the lake covers all inconveniences.

Day-4- Oh, beautiful Grodno and Augustow Canal!

We woke up early in the morning and immediately went on. The first item on the agenda was a visit to the Augustow Canal. Oh, guys, how great it is there! It is a pity that the boat does not fit into our car ... At that moment I wanted to exchange the car for any water transport - it's so beautiful here.

After taking care of the lodging in a local hotel, we went to all planned places in Grodno. Be sure to visit the Cathedral and the morning service in it. Old and New Castles are also waiting for you, not far from them is the tower of the fire department. And go to the park of Giliber and feed the ducks there.

Day-5 - Feel like the ancestors of the Radzivils in Nesvizh and Mir Castle .

Since the morning we decided to start on the road, because ahead of us was a journey into history. We started with Nesvizh and his castle: we went in from the black entrance and began to inspect the park and the lake, near which the palace itself stands. For 16 Belarusian rubles (about 8 dollars) you will be guided through all the halls of the castle.

Very close to Nesvizh is Mir Castle. Before his inspection, we decided to have breakfast in the nearest café "Mirum". Here, by the way, excellent Belarusian cuisine, and the windows of the cafe go directly to the castle. Walking through the castle, we moved to the direction of Brest, where the night was planned. We arrived in the evening and decided to walk along the pedestrian street, and at the same time and eat. The local recommended the establishment with an intriguing name "Cow", where we went. This bar with craft beer and the right steaks - we advise!

At the end of the day we met a streetlighter who set fire to street lights in the same way as they did in ancient times, and went to his cubicle. The next morning we were going to visit the Brest Fortress and therefore it was time to go to bed to gain strength.

Day- 6 - Ruins of Ruzansky Castle and Puslowski Palace, as well as swamps on the border with Ukraine.

The Brest Fortress is a monument to the heroism of Soviet soldiers. Here everything is said about it, including the holes from the bullets with which the whole memorial is covered, and the walls destroyed by the air strikes. Often tell a story about the fortress and its siege ... How unbearable to look at the water and understand that you can not drink a drink, because you are surrounded ... According to sad irony, there is a lot of water around the Brest Fortress - it is surrounded by a river.

Not far from Brest there are two very interesting places. First we look at the ruins of the castle in Ruzhany. Unfortunately, the architectural monument lies in ruins, but it was still interesting for us to walk among the former walls and fireplaces of this castle. It is a pity that now you have to connect fantasy to imagine the former magnificence of the palace complex.

Not far away is the Castle of Puslovsky, about which there are many legends. It is rumored that in one of the ceremonial halls there was a transparent floor, under which the fish were swimming, and in the evenings a hand lion was walking along the territory. In addition, there is a legend that the Castle of Puslovsky and the Ruzhany residence Sapieha connected an underground passage. Coming closer and seeing the scale of the building, you involuntarily understand that such stories could well be.

Opposite Puslowski Castle there is a restored manor Tadeusz Kosciuszko. Admiring the grandeur of ancient architecture, we needed to relax. Therefore, we went to the Olmansk bogs.

Day-7 Oil, mead and sbiten, as well as the final point of our route.

Waking up in the agro-town in the village Konkovichi (60 kilometers from Mozyr), we ate and drove on. Until the end of the route, a couple of hundred kilometers remained, and we decided to stretch them by stopping at Mozyr. In order to mark the end of our trip, we bought a Mozyr mead and shot down directly at the factory, and then went to Gomel.

Here we were waited for by the palace and park ensemble of the Rumyantsevs-Paskevichs. The local point of interest is a whole complex of buildings and objects: a palace, a park, a Swan Lake, St. Peter and Paul's Cathedral, an amusement park, a lookout tower, a beach and an embankment. Necessarily take with you nuts: there are a lot of squirrels running in the park.

The day was drawing to a close. We went to see off the sunset and decided to finally try the mead. Good trip turned out


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    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 

      6 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Super job. Loved your in-depth tour that made one feel as if he were at your place.

      Keep up the fine work.


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