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Arrest of Martin Robert For Alerting Drivers on Police Trap

Updated on April 21, 2014

Robert Martin Arrested

Ron Martin Knapp was arrested in Frisco, Texas for holding up a speed trap sign to alert motorists on police presence. Martin who is aged 33 was arrested by Texas police a long a Frisco highway for holding a sign which read, “Police A head”. He was later charged for holding a homemade placard, against a Texas by-law, which states that, “holding any sign must only be on a private property”. This paper presents a rhetorical analysis of his arrest by different authors.

The man who hails from Texas was arrested for holding up a sign for alerting other drivers against a speed trap protested against the charges. He argued that he was only reminding drivers against the speed limit.. One irony for this man’s act is that the Texas man decides to park his car around a high way, and holds a sign to alert drivers against a speed limit is wanting. Readers are made to wonder what motivated this man. The driver’s response when asked on is behavior leads to more irony when he articulates that his action was only to remind the drivers against a speed limit. This leads to suspense in the minds of readers as they would want to know why the driver had to remind others against police presence, and who gave him this responsibility.

Apparently, the judges had failed to find the specific portion of the Texas ordinances which Martin had violated in this incidence. This may seem to satisfy most readers who may be wondering if there is actually a law, which is already enacted against such an action. The fact that the court didn’t find such law leaves a lot to be desired on whether such a law need to be enacted, and or whether Martin’s actions amounted to a misdemeanor, or was it a “sense of social responsibility?”.


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