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Rocheport- One of the most romantic destinations in Missouri

Updated on February 24, 2014

Map of Rocheport

A markerRocheport Missouri -
Rocheport, MO, USA
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Visit Rocheport, Missouri for a romantic weekend away

Not too far for a weekend!

About halfway between Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri on I-70, there is a wonderful little hidden jewel of a town called Rocheport. It has everything you could ask for in a romantic weekend away; shopping, history, restaurants, wineries, bed and breakfasts, scenery, a bike trail, art studios, and much much more. What is it missing? Traffic and crowds.

A little village with big history

If you've read the journals of Lewis and Clark, or are familiar with their little expedition in 1804, then you know Rocheport, because they mention it by name and talk about the magnificent limestone bluffs along the river. They still stand there today, living history- just as beautiful as they were in 1804 when the expedition gazed at them from their boats.You'll also see unique homes and churches, museums and shops, some which were built soon after Lewis and Clark floated by.

The beautiful Katy trail goes through Rocheport, so bring your bike for a romantic ride!

Today, this town, although it hasn't grown much in population, has a lot to boast about besides it's rich history. The Katy trail, a wonderfully unique bike trail that was put down right over the old K.A.T.Y. railroad. On this portion of the Katy trail, you can ride your bicycle into town or get on and go from Rocheport. The bike ride will take you along the Missouri river and you can have a firsthand view of the beauty in the river and land surrounding this area. You'll go through the huge limestone tunnel that the train passed through when the Katy was still a railroad. Riding alongside the bluffs and the beautiful Missouri river, you can stop and have a picnic, or rest along the shores of the Missouri.

Wineries! Passenger trains!

For bluff top dining overlooking the Missouri River, look no further than the family owned Le Bourgois Winery. Just off of 1-70 on the way into town, it is the third largest winery in a state known for it's wine production. There are tasting and tours daily, and when you get hungry, head over to the A-frame Le Bourgois Bistro, where a graduate of the culinary Institute of America orchestrates the fresh, seasonal menu. There is also the option of a dinner aboard the Columbia star , an old passenger train from the 40's redone to take you on a leisurely 3 hour ride while you enjoy a four-course meal, bar and white linen service by candlelight. This fantastic little trip is available year round.

Quaint streets and shopping

This isn't the place to go for a lot of big entertainment, but if you like a little live music- the Rocheport General store is the place to be on Friday and Saturday nights. There are a myriad of little antique shops, galleries, and charming boutiques around this beautiful little village. Just start walking and you'll find them all. And check out their beautiful and informative website, here:


After a day of biking, you can come in for a nice little dinner at Abigail's, a family owned, whimsical, classy little spot that serves up great fare. It isn't the fastest place to get a bite to eat, because the chef prepares each and every meal from scratch. But it is worth the wait- absolutely fantastic food, and a wonderful atmosphere while you wait. One of the best experiences of coming to Rocheport is learning how to slow down and savor everything.

Bed and Breakfasts? Take your pick!

There are several bed and breakfasts in Rocheport; the Amber house, the Schoolhouse, and the Yates house. Each offers quaint, unique accomodations, breakfast and lots of pampering!Each is in a 19th century house- or school- as the "Schoolhouse" describes. Antiques, cozy furniture, and relics from around the town adorn each one. The brick lined streets are perfect for walking in the lamplight before turning in for the night. There are also motels in the area if you have a family traveling the Katy trail or are there for a quick stop.

Rocheport Missouri is a town unlike any other. A little village forgotten by time, full of history, charm and relaxation. It is one of the best places to come for a romantic weekend for two, a girls weekend, or for the whole family!


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