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Aruba Donkey Sanctuary

Updated on April 7, 2012

The Donkey Sanctuary

During my most recent visit to Aruba we decided to go to the Donkey Sanctuary. In an attempt to be prepared with lots of treats for them we stopped at Ling & Sons Supermarket and picked up a few dozen large carrots. As the sanctuary is located about a half a mile from the Ayo Rock Formation we used our rental car to get there.

Upon getting there we were greeted by one donkey, we named him Sonny and we gave him a carrot. Well that crunching Sonny made while snacking on the carrot was all his other donkey friends needed to hear. Other donkeys quickly came up to us and the carrots were gone in a blink of an eye. This was way to much fun, so we went back the next day, this time with 3 dozen carrots ( next time I'll also bring apples ) Once Sonny and his friends saw us they knew we had food for them. So we just started giving them carrots as fast as they'd take them. After a couple of minutes of doing this it got quiet except for the carrot crunching these guys were doing. To my eyes these donkeys looked well groomed and healthy - happy and it looks like the sanctuary gives them a good life.

Note; The Sanctuary is a non-profit and they do accept donations to help them give the donkeys a wonderful-healthy lifestyle !

Wonderful Video I Made In Aruba On Beach


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    • profile image

      Kate 7 years ago

      I LOOOVE these pics thanks for sharing them. Looks like a great place to visit!! There is just something about the gentle beasts of burden that makes me feel so happy!! Like bunnies and hummingbirds they are a joy to observe.