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Asheville, NC - Finding Real Estate / Property to Rent

Updated on March 27, 2015
It can be tricky to find rental property in Asheville, but here are some good places to start.
It can be tricky to find rental property in Asheville, but here are some good places to start. | Source

If you’re not quite ready to buy real estate in Asheville, but the city has bewitched you with its mountains, beer, people and atmosphere, your best option is to find a decent rental property.

The price and quality of rental property in AVL is very variable, so you will want to make sure that you see a few different properties before parting with any cash, just so you know what you’re committing to.

If you’re looking for rental property in Asheville though, the following are good places to start:

Local rental and property management agents in Asheville

  • Alpha Real Estate – Alpha has a good local reputation for providing pet-friendly homes in and around the Asheville area. Rental prices typically run from $800 – $1,800 per month.

A markerAlpha Real Estate 65 Charlotte St Asheville, NC 28801 -
65 Charlotte Street, Asheville, NC 28801, USA
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A markerAsheville Property Management 1000 Haywood Rd Asheville, NC 28806 -
1000 Haywood Road, Asheville, NC 28806, USA
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  • Black Bear Rentals – Black Bear rents out properties in and around Asheville and Black Mountain and have a fair number of high-quality properties listed

A marker261 Asheland Ave Asheville, NC 28801 -
261 Asheland Avenue, Asheville, NC 28801, USA
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Websites that list rental property / real estate in Asheville and the surrounding areas

Craigslist – Asheville houses & apartments for rent - The Craigslist classified board for rentals is extremely busy, and it’s worth checking in several times a day. Property gets added to, and rented from the board quickly, so be sure to act if you see something that catches your eye.

Be aware that because it’s Craigslist, there often won’t be a middleman or property management firm involved, so make sure that you have a contract in place and that you feel secure making the rental before handing money over. Rental prices run anywhere between $400 and $2,000 per month

Zillow – Zillow consolidates real estate and rental listings from multiple places to give you a good overview of most of the property that’s available for rent at any particular time. They also have a handy map view so you can easily find out exactly where property is available.

Do be aware though that Zillow can lag behind local agents by a couple of days (both in getting property added to the site and removing it once it has been rented.)

Other resources to find Asheville rental property and real estate

Asheville Reddit – It’s also worth posting a request for rental property on the Asheville Reddit group – The group is well subscribed and you may well find something there that isn't available through the other sites, such as private rentals. Again, it’s important that as there likely won’t be a middleman, that you have a proper contract and legal protection in place before handing over any money

Whatever path you choose, good luck finding a decent rental; and we hope that you love the place enough to put down some permanent roots here!


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